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Sweat & Sound

Sweat & Sound Announces Grime Fitness Event - 'RIDING DIRTY' This Sunday, October 8th. Featuring DJ Eastwood, Skanx & Epic Fitness Instructors!

03 October 2017 14:30


Sweat & Sound, the startup that creates immersive fitness experiences, is setting your Sunday off with a Bang! with its much-anticipated Grime Fitness event 'RIDING DIRTY'.

Expect a powerful 45-minute HIIT class featuring a spin station, resistance zone and agility training, by incredible instructors Hannah & Jemal. The unique and explosive workout will be complemented by some of London's most epic urban sounds by DJ Eastwood & MC Skanx. All set in a totally unique, painfully-cool pop-up space in Tottenham, North London.

As with all Sweat & Sound events, the exact location is kept secret until the day before & only revealed to event guests. We can confirm it will only be a minute’s walk from Tottenham Hale station, on the Victoria Line.

Sweat & Sound have been rocking the fitness industry since launching In June, with a vision to help people fully immerse themselves in fitness by engaging all the senses through music & live themes. Well + Good have recently featured S&S in an engaging article titled 'Why Immersive, Multisensory Classes Could Be The Next Big Thing In Fitness', which gives you a good idea of Sweat & Sound's vision. View the article here.

So how do I sign up?

Just follow this link:

Each Sweat & Sound event also features nutrition & refreshments by their partner companies. Sunday will feature Bottleshot Brew Coffee, Innermost, Granola For Gangsters & Rebel Kitchen...

You'll be in for an unforgettable experience!

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About Sweat & Sound

Sweat & Sound create pop-up, live music fitness events in 'secret' locations all over London. Attendance is invite-only, sign up to receive invites is via Events feature some of London's best upcoming musicians and other exciting surprises from our health & nutrition partners!

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