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Student reverses roles for prestigious award at University of Manchester

11 March 2016 12:00


Martin Hedley, the Co-Founder and CEO of the growing start-up has struck an unprecedented relationship with the University of Manchester.

The university offers students from across the university the opportunity to gain insight about business and entrepreneurship through the Art of Enterprise module. Students enrolled on this course are given the chance to gain practical experience through the Manchester Enterprise Award. Students work with local social enterprises and charities to carry out consultancy work for them.

Martin, always thinking differently, approached the organisers of Manchester Enterprise Award and put forward the idea of switching things up. Instead of him doing a consultancy project for another social enterprise, he wanted to offer the students on the course the opportunity to do their project for

Lindsay Gilbert, Head of Manchester Enterprise Award scheme said, “We thought this was a great opportunity for our students to work with Martin and his team. The students will be able to get an insight into what running a startup entails. Also, with Martin being a student as well, it makes this a great peer learning opportunity”.

Martin, “One aspect of our platform is to encourage student entrepreneurship. We are really excited to be able to offer fellow students the chance to learn valuable skills that they can use in the future”.

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