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Student Inventor’s BrighThinking SolarDock bridges the gap between consumer desire and adoption of renewable energy

23 April 2016 10:30

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Student Inventor’s new BrighThinking SolarDock bridges the gap between consumer desire and adoption for renewable energy

Inventor and entrepreneur Feyi Ogunyeye, a second year student at Plymouth University is launching his BrighThinking SolarDock phone charger as the hack to remove consumer resistance to renewable energy adoption.

Studies by the Department of Energy and Climate (DEC) show that 79% of UK adults favour the adoption of renewable energy, rising to 84% approval when asked specifically about solar energy adoption. However, these high approval ratings drop to 55% when respondents are asked about having renewable energy plants sited in their local areas. “We can see that while people like the idea of renewable energy , a lot of us just can’t get behind having it planted on a large scale, in our backyards” says Feyi , “and my challenge was to make renewable energy not just wanted, but also adoptable by users,” he continues.

DEC research shows that resistance to green energy installations derives from the perceived high cost and other risks surrounding the large installations required to produce power.

Feyi has spent three and a half years developing the SolarDock to bridge the gap between consumers’ desire and actual usage of renewable energy. The product is on a small personal scale, and portable with early testing reporting high levels of utility and user satisfaction. The SolarDock charges smartphones and small battery operated gadgets. It will be available in black and white and is optimised to work indoors and outdoors with no extra charges for the electrical power that it stores. “I’ve designed the BrighThinking Solar-Dock to blend with home and office interiors and to take into account the power consumption needs of busy working individuals,” says Feyi.

The BrighThinking SolarDock launches on 27th April to the general public in an online Crowdfunder campaign, and will also be entered in the Virgin Voom Competition (where finalists are given the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to Richard Branson to win a share of £1 million pounds in prizes).

Notes to Editors
For more information on BrighThinking, and the SolarDock, contact Feyi Ogunyeye via
Tel: 07702206915
Twitter: @BrighThinking11.

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Press Contacts

Feyi Ogunyeye

Managing Director at BrighThinking Ltd

Tel: 07702206915


About BrighThinking

We here at BrighThinking aim to prove that it doesn't have to cost the earth for anyone to take advantage of Renewable Energy, such as Solar Power, for everyday use.

The current range of solar products on the market seem to operate on the idea that you can only benefit from Solar Energy for charging small devices like smartphones, when you are outdoors.

We beg to disagree, and with the SolarDock and our future products, BrighThinking aims to show the world that it is possible to create a range of sustainable-power based products which look good, are user-friendly, and work effectively indoors.

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