This week student inventor and entrepreneur Feyi Ogunyeye, has been shortlisted for the Shell Livewire Smarter Futures award, for his work in creating a modern and consumer friendly USB solar charger, called the SolarDock.

The SolarDock is a portable USB solar charger for consumers and small businesses, aimed towards helping to remove our resistance to renewable energy adoption.

Feyi says that he first came up with the idea for the SolarDock, during a family summer holiday to Nigeria, when he became interested in the lack of “green energy” being used by people there, despite the large potential for its use.

After spending time researching the reason for this, he realised that whilst the interest in using renewable energy is generally high, with figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) showing 79% of UK adults favouring an increased use of renewable energy. Not everyone is currently open, or able to fit the use of more positive sources of energy in their everyday schedule.

Over the past few years Feyi has developed the SolarDock as a solar product for consumers, that fits comfortably within various office and household interiors, whilst being considerate of the energy consumption needs of different working individuals.

Alongside this, as a Plymouth University student, Feyi set up and runs technology company BrighThinking, under which he sells his own range of eco-friendly gadgets for consumers and small businesses.

In recent weeks Feyi has spoken about his experiences in creating BrighThinking and the SolarDock, during business and technology conference Future Sync, which has helped to gain the attention and nomination for the Shell Livewire Smarter Futures award.

The Shell Livewire Smarter Futures award, is a programme designed to promote some of the UK’s most innovative young entrepreneurs, with ideas that help to address future transport, energy and natural resource challenges, for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Notes to Editors

For more information on his nomination for the Shell Livewire Smarter Future award, developing the SolarDock and more, Feyi is available for comment via:

Tel: 07702206915
Twitter: @BrighThinking1


Department of Energy & Climate Change (2012). Public Attitudes Tracker - Wave 1: Summary of Key Issues.

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About BrighThinking

We here at BrighThinking aim to help businessmen and women stand out from the crowd, and make a positive impact on the world, through the design and development of sustainable products, that can be used everyday.

Unfortunately, a lot of the current range of products on the market, operate on the idea that sustainability shouldn't necessarily have to play a role, in improving the way that businesses and those within them operate in their daily lives.

We beg to disagree, and with products such as the SolarDock and Eco-phone stand, BrighThinking are showing the world that it is possible to create a range of innovative and modern products which look good, are user-friendly, and are made sustainably. In order to help businessmen and businesswomen use eco-conscious and bright ideas, to stand out in their working environment.