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Student Entrepreneur bucks trend ahead of government report on youth employment with launch of SolarDock

03 May 2016 15:45


Second year Plymouth University student and entrepreneur Feyi Ogunyeye, wants to change the way we approach issues like low self-employment rates in the 16-24 age group. This is at a time when statistics indicate that less than 11% of self-employed individuals in the UK are below the age of 30 (J.Deane, Self-Employment review pg 8, 2016).

He says that “Due to the lack of awareness and information taught to the younger generation about self-employment, many are put off the concept of running their own business”.

Feyi also thinks that “we live in a society that views getting a traditional job as the expected output of the education system, so that entrepreneurship as a potential outcome of education is neither planned or catered for”. Over the next few weeks, Feyi is taking his first steps towards success as a young entrepreneur and inventor, through launching his “BrighThinking SolarDock”.

The SolarDock is an indoor solar charger for smart-devices that aims to disrupt the trend for the slow adoption of renewable energy products by consumers. It has been running a Crowdfunding campaign closing on May 23rd 2016 in the Virgin Voom business competition.

At a total height of almost 25cm (just 1cm taller than an iPad), and a width of 24.4cm, the modern design of the SolarDock allows consumers to conveniently collect and use green energy on a small and portable scale within their homes and offices.

Notes to editors

For media comment and information about the BrighThinking SolarDock and pathways to student Entrepreneurship contact Feyi at:

Tel: 07702206915
Twitter: @FeyiOgunyeye or @BrighThinking1

Feyi is also happy to comment on the Virgin Voom competition.

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Press Contacts

Feyi Ogunyeye

Managing Director at BrighThinking Ltd

Tel: 07702206915


About BrighThinking

We here at BrighThinking aim to help businessmen and women stand out from the crowd, and make a positive impact on the world, through the design and development of sustainable products, that can be used everyday.

Unfortunately, a lot of the current range of products on the market, operate on the idea that sustainability shouldn't necessarily have to play a role, in improving the way that businesses and those within them operate in their daily lives.

We beg to disagree, and with products such as the SolarDock and Eco-phone stand, BrighThinking are showing the world that it is possible to create a range of innovative and modern products which look good, are user-friendly, and are made sustainably. In order to help businessmen and businesswomen use eco-conscious and bright ideas, to stand out in their working environment.

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