Street food entrepreneurs Poptata are bringing their snack revolution to the high street this June.

The launch of their new shop, at Boxpark in Shoreditch, provides a third outlet for the business, with their current locations including Portobello Market and Boxpark in Croydon.

Marco Maiocchi, co-founder of Poptata, said: “Everybody loves chips, they are an institution in UK and I think are something to be celebrated.

“Poptata will now be able to bring the taste of street fries to east, south and central London.

“Our concept is very simple and we are committed to the principles of uniqueness, quality, and simplicity.”

All of their potatoes are sourced from British farmers, and once they have gone through a rigorous quality control check, they are peeled and cut by hand before being fried twice at different temperatures.

Marco added: “We fry them twice, at different temperatures, to ensure our fries are crunchy on the outside yet fluffy and flavoursome on the inside.”

Poptata, who are finalists for the 2017 British Street Food Awards, due to be held in July, have expanded their business since starting in May 2015 with a temporary gazebo in Portobello Market, and now offer a totally customisable experience to their customers.

Since starting in 2015, Marco and his business partner Luca Sammartino have exhibited at festivals across the country, including the Barclaycard’s British Summer Time festival in Hyde Park, the Blenheim Palace Food Festival and The North West Food Lovers Festival in Knutsford.

Previous customer, Lauren, said: “Poptata are masters of potato wizardry, and they know the exact scientific formula, for creating the perfect portion of potatoes.”

Along with their unique method of cooking the Poptata duo will bring their selection of signature condiments, including their curry ketchup, their whisky-based cocktail sauce and their pink garlic mayo, to Shoreditch.

Marco said: “A personal recommendation would be the incredible 'Lucifer Fries'.

“These bad boys have a healthy smothering of grated cheeses, herbs and a delicious topping of thick, tangy hot sauce.”

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STREET FRIES™ shops with branches in •Boxpark Croydon •Portobello •Opening Shoreditch in June 2017