We're all getting more educated about how our bodies work, the importance of good nutrition and health eating. Here is the simplest of truths regarding your health and enzymes: If you want to stay healthy, you need to support the body’s mechanism for producing digestive and metabolic enzymes. All disease is the result of a deficiency or imbalance of some kind, a lack of something essential to health that results in sickness and pain. By bringing the body back into balance, you can improve your health and avoid disease. Enzymes are what help the body achieve such balance.

Arthur Kornberg won a Nobel Prize in medicine for his study of enzymes. In 1982 he identified more than 200 diseases directly attributed to a “deficiency or malnutrition of a single enzyme.” Since his initial research many more diseases have been attributed to such a deficiency.

To better illustrate the important role enzymes play in supporting health, let’s take a look at the enzyme protease, which is one of the most important types of enzymes in terms of a healthy immune system, and one of the most widely researched enzymes in the world.
The immune system is the body’s defence system. The immune system’s ability to fight off invaders depends on the enzyme protease, which breaks down proteins. Most types of illness are in some way related to protein. For example, cancer cells are surrounded by the protein fibrin. The blood clots that cause strokes and a high percentage of heart attacks are made up of this same protein. Pathogenic bacteria and parasites are comprised of proteins. Viruses are enveloped by protein, and fungal forms such as Candida contain a protein nucleus surrounded by a chitin shell. Therefore, we need a plentiful supply of protease to overcome protein invaders in the body, which will make us ill if left unchecked.

If you seem to catch every virus that comes your way, it’s very possible that your immune system is underactive because of a deficiency in metabolic protease, a key component of the white blood cells that attack and destroy viruses. We are naturally equipped to have a strong, healthy system. Unfortunately, we can inhibit our immune system’s abilities by placing too high a demand elsewhere.

Some very convincing research shows that the greater burden we place on the digestive system, the less effective and active our immune system becomes. When we eat, digestion becomes the priority. Our body will always supply the energy our digestive system needs to benefit from the food we have eaten, no matter how little that leaves for other systems. Perhaps you have experienced this when after a large meal, it takes all the energy you can muster just to stay awake. That energy demand from the digestive system robs all the other systems of the body of the vital energy they need to keep up with their functions.

So it should not surprise us to learn that when we eat cooked and processed foods, especially when we overeat, our immune system actually becomes less active. The protease production so essential to immune support decreases since the energy required to manufacture these enzymes has been dedicated to producing digestive enzymes. We pay the price initially by being tired, but overtime we start to suffer from poor health. If the pattern persists over years, our body may no longer be able to keep up on a regular basis; a shortage of metabolic enzymes (metabolic energy) will then occur, and eventually take its toll. However, we do not call it enzyme deficiency – we have given it other names, like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and lupus.

Reference for this article: Everything You Need To Know About Enzymes by Tom Bohager.
Both through his research activities and as the founder of Enzymedica, Bohager has served as a pioneer and leading authority on the development of cutting-edge enzyme supplementation. In 1998 he started his own company Enzymedica, a nutritional enzyme supplement company, in an effort to educate and help as many people as possible on the benefits of high-potency enzymes and enzyme therapy. With an emphasis on education, Enzymedica has grown to become the number one enzyme company in the Natural Foods Industry. In 2008, Tom founded The Autism Hope Alliance (AHA). This non-profit organization helps families through the Autism Approved® Partnership Program. AHA has also set the bar for Autism Approved nutritional supplements, ensuring that products maintain a strict criterion to be deemed autism community friendly.
As an author and the Chairman of Enzymedica, Tom continues to conduct consumer lectures, staff trainings, writes articles and is interviewed on radio and television about the importance of enzymes in maintaining and promoting optimal health.

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Enzymes do so much more than relieve the symptoms often associated with digestive distress such as heartburn, indigestion and bloating. They are the foundation to good health and have been called the “spark of life”. Enzymedica believes that knowledge has the power to change lives and is committed to providing education and research that propels individuals on the path to vibrant health. Digestive health questions will be answered by the Enzymedica team of health experts.

Dedicated to digestive health worldwide, Enzymedica provides financial support and educational outreach to the autism community and beyond. In 2009 Tom Bohager, Founder of Enzymedica, founded the Autism Hope Alliance (AHA), a non-profit organisation dedicated to raising funds for autism awareness and treatment.

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