Splitter HQ to launch Designer QR Codes for Premium Short URLs

Splitter HQ to Introduce Customizable QR Codes for Advanced Traffic Targeting – With big data’s prominent influence on in-depth marketing analysis, the demand for tools that can harvest and harness their potential has increased. Splitter HQ, a traffic splitting service is set to introduce customizable QR codes to meet this demand. The service provides solutions to CRM managers, marketing departments, social media departments and social media managers who communicate with customers on a regular basis.
Suitably known as Designer QR codes, the new feature can be used by businesses to change the pattern and colors of any QR code and even place their logo in the centre if they wish to. These work alongside short URLs to split traffic according to advanced targeting features.

Splitter HQ works to make targeted marketing easier for its customers by detecting, analyzing and enriching user date without the need of external influences. Relying on custom approaches, the service allows customers to target users according to location, time, platform and device and setup intelligent links with a user-friendly cloud service. With the introduction of Designer QR codes, users will be able to manipulate existing QR codes according to their requirements thus making them more relevant to their marketing aims.

The existing features that Splitter’s QR codes currently have allow businesses to streamline data collection according to marketing requirements. This includes creating short URLs which can be edited at any given point in time and even personalised. Users can use advanced targeting to locate customers according to set criteria whilst gathering data. Some of the businesses that have benefited from Splitter’s solutions include CNN, YouSee, MyInaSport, Lidl Denmark and many more.

When asked about why the company decided to create a fully customizable solution for their QR Codes, a spokesperson for Splitter HQ had this to say, “Custom QR Codes are the future for retail and other businesses that are dependent on their product sales. Marketing to such a large customer base can be challenging and with trends changing rapidly, an outdated product description can compromise a marketing campaign.”

“We aim to eliminate that stress with Designer QR Codes. These allow users to update content on the go and any time they want irrespective of the platform they are used from. With the power to create premium short URLs, QR codes and use of advanced targeting, businesses can target a market that is susceptible to what they are offering.”
Splitter HQ is set to release its Designer QR codes shortly and which will come in different colors and patterns. The business also has plans to implement social media platform integrationto allow businesses more control over their own accounts through a single source. For more information about the service, visit

About Splitter HQ
Splitter HQ provides solutions to CRM managers, online marketing and e-commerce teamsthrough traffic splitting services. This includes creating QR codes as well as short URLs that canbe used for link targeting.

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