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The Private Clinic

Specialist Hair Loss and Hair Thinning clinic opens in Birmingham

27 April 2015 15:40


With over thirty years’ experience, The Private Clinic of Harley Street is one of the UK’s most recognised and esteemed aesthetic medical groups. They are thrilled to announce that their expert hair loss service, currently available in Leeds and London Harley Street, is now also on offer at their Birmingham clinic.

Located in the Harbone district of the city, the specialist hair restoration centre is one of the first to offer minimally-invasive FUE transplants for the head, face and eyebrows. Utilising the knowledge of some of the UK’s most respected hair loss surgeons, the clinic has in-house facilities to consult and perform walk-in walk-out treatment, without any need for general anaesthetic or a hospital stay.

Treatments are led and performed by highly-respected surgeon Dr. Michail Mouzakis and supported by a team of expert hair technicians, all of whom have extensive experience in hair restoration. The range of FUE procedures performed by the hair loss group include Third Generation FUE Shaven and Unshaven transplants (requiring no shaving of the head before the procedure), as well as transplantation to areas of scarring and areas of the face including the beard and eyebrows.

The revolutionary FUE method works through extraction of individual follicles from a hair-abundant donor area on the scalp or body. These hairs are analysed and sorted one-by-one, before the healthiest are implanted into the chosen area(s). Prior to transplantation, patients’ hair loss is analysed thoroughly to ensure that the treatment will be a long-term solution and further loss won't damage the results.

For those who aren't suitable, or those who are experiencing very early stages of hair loss or damage, appointments with the company's board certified trichologist and dermatologist are also available at the local clinic. Suitable treatments for these cases include medication, dietry advice and scalp massage - only ever performed by highly trained professionals.

Of his hair loss treatment at The Private Clinic's Harley Street base, one patient said:

"It's absolutely amazing. It amazes me now to think I nearly didn't do it. I could not be happier with it.”

Hair loss affects roughly 50% of us during our lifetime. Yet hair loss is still a bald topic for many, with 60% of hair loss sufferers stating they would rather have hair than money or friends. The Private Clinic's focus on pioneering hair loss treatments aims to help more people restore their hairline, without resorting to trading in their pals.

For information on hair loss treatments and The Private Clinic Birmingham, visit:

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About The Private Clinic

Established in 1983, The Private Clinic of Harley Street are one of the UK's leading cosmetic groups with over 30 years of excellence in cosmetic surgery behind them. They have 8 CQC registered clinics based across the country; three in London (Harley Street, Cheapside and Knightsbridge) and one in Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.

Further consultation rooms are located in Brighton, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Edinburgh, Exeter, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Nottingham, Reading, Sheffield, Southampton and York.

They offer one of the broadest range of treatments in the cosmetic market including plastic and cosmetic surgery, and they focus firmly on less-invasive options for minimum impact on their patients' daily lives.

Treatments available include:

FUE Hair Transplants
Plastic Surgery
Acne and Scar revisions
Minimally invasive Liposuction options
Varicose Veins laser treatments
Fat Transfer to the breast, buttocks, face and hands
Anti-ageing and Rejuvenation

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