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Transworld Business Advisers

Specialist business broker is South West London’s latest start-up

08 May 2017 11:43


Global business brokerage opens in Twickenham. This married couple will bring together buyers and sellers of companies in this vibrant, local economy of South West London - and no upfront fees charged.
There are over 5.5 million UK businesses currently registered with Companies House – over 99.2% of these are small to medium-size enterprises. In 2015 alone, there were over 383,000 business start-ups, far outpacing closures and sales of 252,000.  But did you know that at any one time, more than 10% of all companies are up for sale? If you consider that, on average, those who start businesses are now 40 years old and businesses are held on average for 14-15 years, these statistics begin to make sense of the increasing need for business brokers as entrepreneurs reach their mid 50s and are looking for an exit.

Magdy Mohamed knows all about the plans and processes you need to put in place to make solid business decisions whether you are buying, expanding or selling a business. His skills in worldwide management and consultancy in the gas and oil industry have now been coupled with the global leader in business brokerage, Transworld Business Advisors. His Twickenham-based office will deliver brokerage services to South and West London and, unlike many business brokerage firms, they won’t be charging upfront fees to clients.

“For over 30 years, I gained fabulous experience working in South America, North Africa, Middle East, Europe, Russia and the UK. My wife, Yelena, and I will use our collective skills with our Transworld team to help bring together buyers and sellers of companies in this vibrant and exciting world-class community and local economy. There are tens of thousands of entrepreneurs looking for solutions; some want to sell and others want to buy or expand, some for strategic and some for personal reasons; we are here and available to provide them with a confidential and professional service.”

“We will run expert seminars during 2017, with business partners from legal and banking services, on how to prepare your business for sale. In the meantime, I have free guides for people who are considering selling their business and for those thinking of buying one.”

The two free guides have top tips on getting your business ready to sell and the important steps to buying a business which are available by emailing Magdy:


Notes for Editor:
Magdy is available to contribute to business articles on the sale and purchase of small and medium-sized businesses and the purchase of franchises.

PR contact: Sally Butters
07887 495198

Image available on request: Magdy Mohamed and Yelena Mokhamed (Yelena’s surname is different to her husband’s)

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Press Contacts

Sally Anne Butters

PR Director

Tel: 07887 495198


About Transworld Business Advisers

Transworld Business Advisors is a global network of business brokers with in-depth local knowledge of every business community we work within. We have three main areas of expertise:
Helping people to buy businesses
Helping people sell their businesses
Helping people expand their business through franchising

At Transworld, we can either represent a business owner who wishes to sell their business or someone who needs support with buying a business. We have the enviable position of being the number one global business brokerage service* but with each of our business brokers having an intimate knowledge of their local business community. That means that we can match buyers and sellers whether they live five miles or 5,000 miles apart.

Transworld was started in 1979 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and became highly successful very quickly. Transworld opened its first office in London before expanding across the UK and Ireland. Today, Transworld can also be found in South Africa, Australia, Canada and India.

Our services are centred around three thriving industries, all involving the development and growth of both existing and new businesses. We’re so confident in the quality of our service that we’re one of the only business brokerage firms to not charge up-front fees.

Each Transworld office you find across the UK is owned by a franchisee.

The UK Franchisor and London Transworld office is Michael Ziff. Michael has significant retail experience and was the CEO of footwear business Stylo from 1990. In 2006 he took that business online, a move that quickly proved successful, generating sales of £18million per annum within 18 months. At its height of trade Stylo had a turnover of over £200million and employed over 5,000 staff. He is also a director Town Centre Securities Plc (TCS). A fully-listed property and car park company in which both my family and I have a substantial interest. TCS has a yearly profit of £7million and net assets of £190million, including the Merrion Centre in Leeds which the company also owns.

*According to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500

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