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Make a Donation

Social responsibility: a new way of remarkable and rewarding marketing

30 June 2015 15:00


With content overload and an ever-increasing number of satisfied consumers, it appears marketing needs to go back to basics to make an impact. How? Purple Frog believes that social responsibility is key in making a brand appear remarkable amidst a crowded marketplace. With a strong sense of social responsibility themselves, Purple Frog have taken their theory one step further - proudly sponsoring and helping to create, a unique fundraising & crowd-funding platform. Why? Because it’s time to introduce fee-free giving to brands across the UK.

Fee-free giving lies at the heart of - it’s the only UK platform which doesn’t charge charities fees for fundraising. Whilst all of the other big names out there (including JustGiving) charge up to 6.3% in fees, is free for charities - there’s no commission, no set-up fees and it even pays the bank transaction charges for charities. That means every last penny of every donation reaches the charity it’s intended for. How is all this possible? It’s thanks to the support of the business community - from local businesses to fantastic sponsors, such as Purple Frog. Purple Frog, based in Thame, Oxfordshire, offers remarkable and intrepid marketing that generates income for aspiring brands. One key belief is that a brand that embraces social responsibility and most importantly, shouts about it, will stand out from the crowd. provides brands with the opportunity to do exactly this and to become a part of its powerful community of businesses, fundraisers and charities.

For Purple Frog, not only represents the future of marketing, but the future of giving too. Purple Frog is a strong advocate of’s vision to change the way giving is paid for in the UK, making fees for charities a thing of the past. Brands and businesses of any size can become integral to this change, but Make a Donation also offers brands the chance to give back to local communities, where their employees live and work. Whether this is through company fundraising or supporting a local charity, Make a Donation makes it easy for brands to engage with both their employees and those within their community. Businesses can even go the extra mile by rewarding those who give to charity, rather than just those who spend, through Make a Donation’s unique loyalty scheme. Ideal for building emotional loyalty and a positive brand image, Purple Frog recognises that Make a Donation is a powerful tool for businesses. However, the beauty of the platform is that it’s a fantastic tool for businesses, charities and fundraisers alike. Gavin Smith, Creative Director at Purple Frog, comments ‘Make a Donation has really started to establish itself in the hearts and minds of both fundraisers and businesses. A brand that actually gives so much back to the community is not only remarkable in our eyes, it’s truly groundbreaking and the more brands get behind it, the more communities across the UK will benefit. Purple Frog loves the principles that Make a Donation stands by and firmly believe, so should everyone else!’

Marketing is changing - now it’s possible to truly help the third sector in a powerful way, whilst building a fantastic and socially responsible brand. Make a Donation provides the platform to do this and Purple Frog is a proud sponsor of that vision. It’s a brand new way of marketing, but it’s also a brand new way of giving that will transform the third sector.

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About Make a Donation

Make a Donation is the only UK fundraising & crowd-funding site where 100% of your donations goes to the charity. Whilst other fundraising sites (including JustGiving) charge up to 6.3% in fees, Make a Donation doesn’t charge charities any fees whatsoever and never will.

Make a Donation is so passionate about fee-free fundraising that it even pays the bank transaction charges for charities - saving a further 1.7% per donation on average, something that no other fundraising site does.

Our vision is to change the future of giving in the UK - we strive for a world where fees for charities are non-existent.

How is this possible? It’s with the help of the business community - whether it’s through sponsorship, an affiliate or a monthly subscription, our business partners help us pay all fees for charities.

Our business partners also help us reward the generosity of our donors and fundraisers by offering exclusive discounts for their brands.

In return, Make a Donation works with these businesses to improve their social responsibility, connect with their communities, enhance their brand and promote their offers to our community.

Make a Donation offers a simple, effective solution which benefits all involved. We call it #morethanjustgiving

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