SnapTank, the online asset library for 3D scans, teamed up with capture artist Jonty Smith to produce one hell of a 3D scan to celebrate Alien Day on the 26th of April.

Made famous by the 1979 film Alien, a xenomorph figurine was given out by SnapTank to a few of their capture artists to make their best attempt at a 3D scan. Jonty’s came out the best.

On the challenge, Jonty Smith said, “The subject was small, about 6 inches tall, with lots of tiny details. It made it really difficult to scan, so I had to be careful”. Armed with his Canon 5DS, a 50mm lens, and working out of his small photography studio, Jonty used photogrammetry as his method of choice. “It’s an accessible technology, but it did mean I had to take a lot of photos, 437 to be exact”. Jonty processed the scan into a 3D model using photogrammetry software, Reality Capture.

The end result is impressive, with the Alien scan being one of the highest quality produced and made available on SnapTank. Ross Martin at SnapTank highlights, “It’s one of the best raw scans we’ve seen and we’re really pleased to have it available on SnapTank to download for free, courtesy of Jonty. We hope other artists can learn from it, benefiting the 3D scanning community as a whole.”

Jonty adds, “It’s definitely the best 3D scan I have ever produced. Really glad I was invited by SnapTank to be a part of it all. Happy Alien day”

Jonty’s Alien 3D scan is available to download for free until the end of May at

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