Almost 70% of successful women* regularly hit snooze and admit to snacking at work, a study by Eventa has revealed.

Conflicting with the stereotypical early rises and minimal eating regimes often documented within the routines of hardworking women, the study showed singing in the shower (25%), regular dates with the TV and a weekly takeaway (42%) to be among the top habits of those surveyed. Most still partook in regular exercise.

Shattering the assumption that high flyers don’t take a break, over 58% of those surveyed regularly stopped for lunch. Almost a third also admitted they don’t drink close to the daily recommended amount of water.

Kirsty Leighton, MD of Hudson Sandler says: “[I] always [take a break]. Not necessarily at lunchtime, but I do give myself time away from the desk and the office just to think. Changing environment is great for coming up with new ideas.”

Nuts, chocolate, cake and fruit were among the top choices for daytime snacks, but despite enjoying a sweet treat, only 16% added sugar to their hot drinks.

Around a quarter watched TV whilst getting ready in the morning – most opting for the news – whilst 75% revealed they watched at least an hour of TV a night, almost a third watching over two hours. Top ‘trash’ TV shows included soaps, such as Eastenders, reality TV, like TOWIE or Made in Chelsea, and Netflix series, like Orange is the New Black.

Almost 80% read on a regular basis – often before bed – with over 16% admitting to enjoying ‘chick lit’ fiction.

Although most worked additional hours outside of work, many highlighted the need for some ‘me time.’ Kate Simpson, Travel Lead for Facebook Global Marketing Solutions said: “As much as possible, I like to leave my work at the office…I think it’s really important to enjoy your time off and that shouldn’t just be confined to holidays (which are also so important).”

*Those in a senior exec position or above.

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