Door opens on losing weight as the world welcomes the worlds first fat loss delivery system.

We’ve heard all the sayings, weight loss is 70% diet, 30% exercise and most know what we have to do, but it’s harder than it sounds. Proven by the fact that 10 per cent of women fail their diet just 24 hours after starting them and 27 per cent has even put on weight whilst trying to diet. Enter a woman with what looks like a vacuum cleaner to my door, the latest fat-busting device. But this machine claims to do something that most dream of - get rid of excess flab with minimal effort. It performs a procedure known as fat freezing, which promises to dissolve away flabby thighs, love handles, pot bellies and wobbly bingo wings. Marketed as an alternative to liposuction, advocates say that this procedure is non-invasive, no needles, no scalpels, no diets!

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The treatment targets the subcutaneous level of fat - the layer that lies just under the skin. The treatment supporters maintain the treatment will not freeze the skin above the fat because of fat freezes at a higher temperature than other tissue. An anti-freeze membrane is also placed over the area to be treated. C’mere claims to use extremely low temperatures to kill the fat cells - without damaging the skin above.

More and more clinics offering fat freezing clinics are springing up and around the country but no other company in the world is offering this service and science to your home. Fat freezing claims results such as 40 per cent of fat in the area being permanently removed in one session, with some clients seeing results within 48hrs.

One of the founders of C’MERE ( come here), Jason Allan Scott, said the treatment was not very new as it's been around since 2011 ‘but clients were getting great results and chubby people tend to lose more inches, but we also get great results from smaller clients who just want to get rid of two or three inches of stubborn fatty areas. It may seem like a small amount of fat loss but it means the world to the clients.

Have a wedding coming up, summer holiday or just want to be in shape for the up and coming awards season but don’t want to drive to a salon or clinic or sit in a waiting room? Fancy setting up a spa in the comfort of your own home? Thanks to an influx of mobile beauty and cosmetic services dispatching therapists to every corner of the capital, you can do just that, and C’Mere is just the worlds first to offer fat loss to your door. Not just a pretty name, this clever new site has a big team of mobile aesthetic practitioners, who are vetted by the C’MERE team and then rated by its customers for a guaranteed great service and bed side manner. It's reasonably priced too starting at £100.

A To-Go, on-demand fat loss service which brings its trademark treatments to your door. Love Handles zapped away, muffin tops minimised, moobs moved and Brazilian butt lifts are all available - as long as your home or office is within the bounds of London. Go to the website to book an appointment in a matter of minutes.

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C'MERE (pronounced Come Here).
C’MERE is a new concept from the team at Lokkima, the worlds first fat loss on demand offering from NoninvasivesInternational who launched in 2012. In the same way that they successfully took on the aesthetic medicine business, C’MERE will offer an affordable, high-quality alternative to visiting a Practice, Clinic or Medi-Spa.
The worlds first fat loss delivery system. C’MERE offers an affordable, high-quality alternative to visiting a Practice, Clinic or Medi-Spa for nonsurgical fat loss.

You can order fat to your door, so why not order fat loss too?

C’mere for consumers is an opportunity to remove stubborn fat and sculpt the body they have always wanted. C’mere for affiliates is the opportunity to run a business where they can choose their time, where they make people happy,
and make excellent returns. Helping people get confidence conveniently.
C'mere is like Uber’s better-looking sibling that instead of delivering transportation delivers nonsurgical fat loss alternatives.

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