Skillsarena, the Chelmsford-based online talent management solutions provider has today announced the release of its brand new 360 feedback appraisal and development tool; Performance 360, adding to its growing pool of online product solutions for the HR and recruitment industry.

Performance 360 is an essential tool for companies requiring a more in-depth evaluation process than the typical top-down Manager to direct report review. This fully rounded process allows employees to receive reviews from all around the organisation; peers, managers, customers, subordinates and more. It also demonstrates a company’s commitment to staff development and creates a culture where feedback is valued.

Jason Pierce, Skillsarena Managing Director notes the benefits that can come from using Performance 360; ‘A 360 review lets the participant see a comprehensive view of performance from all angles, which gives them rounded, honest insight into their strengths and weaknesses. When used as part of an appraisal, it can provide feedback on where an employee has performed well, or could improve. It can also highlight issues or qualities that may not be immediately apparent to a line Manager but are to a peer group that interacts on a daily basis’.

In the style of an online questionnaire, Performance 360 asks all respondents the same set of questions about an individual's performance based on competencies or behaviours. The system then measures how well the employee performs in each of these areas. It also assesses strengths and weaknesses in different situations, before offering constructive feedback and succession planning. Once feedback is complete, the system generates a clear, easy to understand report to show and analyse results.

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About Skillsarena

Skillsarena is based in Chelmsford, Essex and was established in 2001. It is a family-run company headed by Managing Director, Jason Pierce.
The business specialises in helping organisations with recruitment selection challenges and training needs analysis by providing online skills tests, and other online tools including a learning management system and personality profiling to measure candidate and staff ability.
Skillsarena products are aimed at helping the entire recruitment process from selection to outplacement, bringing together the tools, systems and services to deliver a complete service.
The company has a national, non-sector specific client base covering a wide variety of industry sectors including recruitment, healthcare, retail, utilities, defence, housing, professional services, education and telecommunications.
All products, test modules and training are developed in the UK.