Skate Box, the leading retailer of specialist skateboard and scooter equipment, is getting children into skating as part of a drive to improve their mental and physical health and to get them outside!

As part of the team's approach, there are plans to build a new indoor skatepark so that children of all ages and abilities can practice their budding skate and scooter skills without rain stopping play!

Skate Box is already well-known within the industry for selling some of the biggest skateboard, scooter and outdoor fitness brands in the industry, and stocks leading manufacturers for adults and kids. The team behind the online retail store are passionate about the benefits that skating can provide and keen to see that the next generation of children gets to enjoy all of the physical, mental, wellness and social benefits of being physically active and learning how to skate.

A company spokesman said: "At Skate Box, we are all passionate skaters and were lucky enough to start skating young in local parks, gardens and other open spaces. We want to make sure that the next generation has the same chance to learn the skills and techniques of skating, gaining all of the benefits in the process.

"Skating is a great way to develop overall fitness, mental and physical agility and problem-solving skills. It develops strength and helps to grow mental fortitude as the student progresses and learns increasingly complex skills and tricks. It's also a highly sociable sport with a great scene which gives young people the chance to make new friends and to develop a social circle and interest outside of school."

Skate Box is offering skating services to budding young skaters as part of their community work. The team are also progressing plans for the indoor skate park, so watch this space!

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About Skatebox

SkateBox is a Scooter shop based in Suffolk, the shop sells a variety of scooters from BMX Mini to Blunt, Core and Crisp.
Grant who runs the shop 6 days a week, prides himself on customer service and the variety of produce.
Claiming they are the only provider in the area.