The Silk Road Project
PingHub Network is looking for partners to provide venues, core and local funding for us to co-ordinate the project, develop content with local collaborators and members all along our planned silk route. We are looking to acknowledge the past, understand the present and project into the future, an E-Silk Road, connecting up with all the countries of the world.

Our Silk Road Project is a Journey through the Ages – Past, Present & Future
Regenerating the legacy and connecting with hidden gems along the route – showcasing creative and innovative talents, economic and cultural hubs, in the process generating trading and cultural opportunities. If we can join up the hubs successfully, it can become a regular bi-annual or an annual event all along the route.

The project will look at developments in the past, present and future with the main theme on:
• Culture The arts, design, performance - dance and music
• Innovation Technological changes, including the train, E-journeys and Virtual Reality (VR)
• Trade In products and services, including travel, tourism, fashion, food and silk

Part 1 (2017-2019) - along the ancient Silk Road route that starts from Xinjiang in China, passing through Iran and Turkey to Italy and finally London. We also hope to re-trace where possible, the ancient Silk Road, Marco Polo’s journey and China’s Rail Freight Service, the 21st Century Silk Road Economic Belt – One Belt One Road, connecting China through Asia to Europe, terminating in London

The Journey will start from:
• China Xinjiang, Shanghai, Beijing (Sep/Oct 2017)
• Iran Tehran (Mar/Apr 2018)
(Persian empire also covers areas around Iran borders like Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, including the surrounding areas like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrghiz, Kazakhstan)
• Turkey Istanbul / Ankara (Sep/Oct 2018)
• Italy Venice / Rome (Mar/Apr 2019)
• UK London (Sep/Oct 2019)

Part 2 (2018/19 - 2020/23) Re-trace where possible, the ancient Silk Road and ZhengHe’s journey, including China’s 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. China is looking for a complementary initiative aimed at investing and fostering collaboration in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and North Africa, through several contiguous bodies of water – the South China Sea, the South Pacific Ocean, and the wider Indian Ocean area.

The Journey will start from China (2017/2018) to Iran (2018/2019) to Afghanistan/Pakistan to India to Sri Lanka to Malaysia to Indonesia and then from 2020 - 2023, it can branch off to the South Pacific (Australia) and also the wider Indian Ocean (Africa)

Besides the PingHub Network, we have already secured many local and international partners who are either collaborators and/or PingHub members, like Panda TV, Opustique Infinity, Lajevardi Foundation, Niaysh Boutique Hotel, Pars Tour and Travel Agency, Zhenghe Muse um and Restaurant, Clove Hall Boutique Hotel, including many key individuals who have operational contacts and connections throughout the silk routes along the respective countries.

Please feel free to contact me for more information and especially, if you are interested in and/or able to offer tangible support or resources in order for us to realise this project. Our journey started in 2016 with our contacts from the UK, China, Malaysia and in 2017 with our contacts in Iran and this working relationship was consolidated with a visit there this year in February.

Peng Seng Ong
Director/Founder PingHub International
M: +44 (0)7944 517524

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