Families looking for the perfect gift to spoil their mum this Mother’s Day should consider SHEPHY’s high quality slippers.

Mothers can relax on their special day in comfort and style with SHEPHY’s luxurious slippers, which are lined with premium quality Merino wool.

SHEPHY uses Merino wool from Australia and New Zealand, which is much softer than wool from other breeds of sheep. The extremely fine fibres are very soft to the touch, meaning that SHEPHY slippers are exceptionally comfortable to wear.

SHEPHY slippers are perfect to wear all year round in the home, as the Merino wool lining has excellent thermal and breathable properties. The wool helps to keep feet warm in the winter and prevents feet from feeling sweaty in the summer. Merino wool is also odour resistant, which mothers are bound to appreciate.

Mothers who have sensitive skin or allergies can wear SHEPHY slippers with ease, as Merino wool is naturally hypoallergenic. The slippers won’t irritate the skin or exacerbate existing skin conditions.

Furthermore, SHEPHY slippers are the perfect option for mothers who are environmentally conscious, as Merino wool is 100% biodegradable. The fibres in Merino wool decompose naturally, which is great for helping the planet.

SHEPHY slippers are also long lasting due to the durable and strong properties in Merino wool, meaning that mothers can enjoy a long well deserved relax while feeling good about protecting the environment.

Willem Van Ryswyk, a spokesperson from SHEPHY said: “We only use high quality and luxury materials to make our footwear, so it’s only right that mothers deserve the best slippers this Mother’s Day.

“As well as the fantastic benefits of Merino wool, SHEPHY slippers are made with premium quality suede leather uppers and lightweight rubber outsoles, which make them ideal for wearing inside and outside of the home."

To find the perfect slippers this Mother’s Day or for more information about SHEPHY, visit or follow @helloshephy on Facebook.

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