MysteryVibe launches its award-winning pleasure product, Crescendo, into mainstream retail.

MysteryVibe launches its award-winning pleasure product, Crescendo ( ), into mainstream retail. MysteryVibe, the British pleasure company, has announced it will be the world’s first and only company in the sextech industry to exhibit at IFA NEXT 2017. This is a landmark decision, as companies associated with the adult industry have previously not been accepted to exhibit their products.
MysteryVibe will demonstrate its revolutionary flexible vibrator, Crescendo, during the week-long event in Berlin. The ergonomically designed sex toy can be bent to flex and form to adapt to the user’s body, and the accompanying app offers the ability to download countless vibration patterns for a truly personalised pleasure experience.

Through exhibiting at IFA NEXT 2017 and launching Crescendo into mainstream retail, MysteryVibe aims to break down the entrenched barriers held towards sex toys and to further the conversation around the role of technology in the bedroom and relationships. As a technology driven society we often struggle to switch off from our busy lives and turn on in the bedroom. MysteryVibe is committed to turning this trend on its head by using technology to create a truly personalised and immersive sensual experience.

“Sex and pleasure are a natural part of life, and should absolutely be mainstream,” said Stephanie Alys, co-founder and Chief Pleasure Officer at MysteryVibe. “Exhibiting at IFA NEXT is an incredibly positive step in the right direction towards making this a reality. We’re very excited that IFA has embraced the revolution that is currently taking place in the sextech industry.”

Crescendo will also be displayed as part of the Future Haus concept store – which will showcase a curated group of international startups building physical & connected products.

Crescendo is the first in a series of luxury products being developed by MysteryVibe that improve sexual health. It is currently stocked in stores globally such as Brookstone US, Coco de Mer and Media Markt.

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MysteryVibe is an award winning British brand who design and build luxury pleasure products. Founded in 2014, their flagship product, Crescendo, is the world's first body-adapting smart 6-motor vibrator, that can be bent to flex and form to the user’s body and offer countless vibrations through their app, for a truly personalized pleasure experience. They are the thought-leaders in the field and are igniting conversations on the global stages and through mainstream media. MysteryVibe's vision is to deeply understand individual arousal and bring curated content to create an immersive sensual experience in the bedroom. Through their research they also want to support the medical communities to address sexual health issues in a positive informed way. MysteryVibe believes that an enlightened and liberal society is a safer & happier one.