Seminar : How to decorate your home with investment purposes

Hello and welcome to our first ever event! We are #MakeBespoke and we’re here to share our knowledge and experience with you and provide essential tips to help you decorate your interiors.

We at #MakeBespoke would love to get you involved in our world of art and design. We’ve found that so very often, tips and tricks on how to display, care and purchase artwork are reserved for somewhat an ‘elitist’ selection of people. We don’t like that. We think art is for everyone.

Our event will cover the following topics:

How to buy art (analytics and price predictions).
How’s it hanging? (hanging your art with an experienced interior specialist to guide you through the first steps).
Look after me! (Art conservation)

Our event will be held at Embassy Gardens, in a private cinema filled with (well maybe not completely filled) champagne and evocative talks about art.

We want to share our own insiders experience with you and give you access to every piece of information you could possibly want (within reason!)

PLUS, it so happens to be Bonfire Night! Following the presentations, we’ll be watching the glorious London fireworks from the raised patio at Embassy Gardens, with even more champagne.

What are you waiting for? Come join us!

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