Entrepreneurs Lee Jacobson (formerly Talent Talks, DogTrac) and Harry Eden (That Amazing Place) have launched ‘Secret Quote’ – a digital marketplace offering discounts, deals and promotions for products, experience and service businesses.

Marketplace categories include Hotels, Restaurants, Activities, Health and Fitness and Hair and Beauty. To date over 200 local venues and businesses have joined Secret Quote, each offering promotions which they can manage themselves, twenty-four hours a day.

Jacobson says, “We wanted to create a platform that benefits both customers and businesses alike. Having on-line adverts that can be managed by the business itself is revolutionary – it allows great flexibility in what offers can be promoted and when. It enables business owners to instantly react, ramping up offers at quiet times and turning them down during busier periods. For the customer, it’s so easy, membership is free and deals are downloaded with a single click.”

The overriding benefit for businesses using Secret Quote to promote their offer is the social media following they boast. Jacobson says, “We employed local marketing experts Magnificent Stuff, who helped generate a really engaged Facebook audience of 34,000 within only 12 only. Our Facebookers are not only incredibly vocal – enabling us to keep promotions and offers timely and relevant – but are also really engaged and are keen to share our posts.”

The next phase of development includes a ‘buy-now’ button and ‘third-party’ payments, allowing the website to act as an on-line store.

If you would like to promote your business, service or experience via the Secret Quote marketplace please contact 01223 928910

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