Sweat & Sound is the new fitness events business that is about to (secretly) steal Londoner's hearts with their euphoric, live music, festival-style, immersive fitness classes.

The take on these events is to be exclusively non-exclusive! Which means what exactly?

According to Ariana, founder "There is so much cliquiness in the fitness industry, so many people are "super-cool" and have millions of Instagram followers and it is a tight industry where the coolest events are secret and reserved for the apparent "coolest people". We think all that is great but can also be intimidating for the average person who loves the fitness world but isn't included in all this amazing stuff that happens in a city, the stuff that sadly is reserved for a very select group of people...

So, as our events are in secret locations and can only hold a certain amount, they are all 'invite only', but anyone can get on the list to receive an invite. You just register at

A few weeks before each event we RANDOMLY invite a selection of people from our database, each invite allows you to book up to 2 tickets, which by the way are totally affordable at only £25. If the event doesn't sell out (which is rare) we release a new batch of invites".

The events are tapping into a new side of the fitness industry - the creative, fluid side where people can experience more than just the physical body. We already practice this through yoga and meditation, but not usually in such a high-energy, endorphin-inducting way.

On what the events entail, Ariana states "I and my co-founder, Martina, wanted to create the ultimate fitness experience, that involves not just a seriously intense, powerful workout, but also connects people with sensory installations, immersive themed set design and music that will literally get you high on the octanes! A Sweat & Sound event is an experience you'll never forget. We have recreated that beautiful escapism of being at a festival, with music that is both happy as well as powerful and a workout that will drive home results.

As this is a full health experience, you'll also meet local health & nutrition startups offering pre-workout and post-workout samples, plus other treats. Best of all, when guests leave they take home a very special goodie bag... which contains something super-cool that I can't disclose. Hopefully, you'll be at one of our upcoming events to find out!"

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About Sweat & Sound

After months of class testing in New York City & London, our concept for immersive, live music driven fitness experiences was born.

Sweat & Sound experiences are tantalising delights to your senses and curiosity. Expect to be whisked away into an immersive hideaway and met with the magic of epic live music and an adrenaline-boosting workout. A workout for creative spirits who like to go wild, sweat, laugh & wonder.

We are reimagining fitness by using stories & themes; taking guests beyond the body and mind to tap into an emotion, mental clarity and escape. A happy frequency!

Expect euphoric live music, sensory installations & treats from our amazing nutrition partners.

Class type, date and rough location will be on the invite. The exact location is kept secret until a couple of days before.