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If the power dies, have you any functionality left? And just how robust is sophisticated circuitry when operating under adverse conditions? Hand hydraulic power can save the day. Enhance your fluid power systems with the simple integration of the Micropac ® CETOP 3 Manifold pump, either at design stage or as a retro fit and then you can worry less!

Managing Director John Foster commented “More often than not, you can’t change a system easily once it is manufactured. Certainly buying a hand pump in a box, mounting it on a bracket or through the reservoir lid then piping it up is a possibility, but the time involved is significant.”

Using a Micropac® CETOP3 Manifold Pump means a hand pump can be fitted in two minutes and functionality restored. Designers, specifiers and system builders will recognise the 3 key benefits of incorporating a fast solution to loss of power or control:-

• The CETOP 3 pump can be integrated with the power pack in less than 2 minutes, removing the hassle of piping in a conventional hand pump
• The CETOP 3 Manifold pump can be fitted into a valve stack with a minimal increase in the space envelope
• The CETOP pump’s 360 swivel handle simplifies the design layout, suiting many different applications and operator requirements

For comprehensive specifications on the CETOP 3 Manifold Pump, as well as application details for our full range of Micropac® products, visit www.sarum-hydraulics.co.uk
Alternatively contact John Foster or a member of the team on 01722 328388 who are always happy to discuss your specific application requirements. .

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Sarum Hydraulics specialises in the design, development and manufacture of their Micropac pumps and associated components.

All products are manufactured in their Salisbury factory for total control of quality.

Over 20 years, the Company has built up considerable expertise in applying their products to provide hydraulic solutions for a wide range of industries and problems.

Our standard range of equipment may offer a solution or we can provide a cost effective OEM product to meet specific requirements.

The Company is quality assurance approved to ISO 9001.

Our products include:–

Micropac pressure testing and filling equipment. Manufactured in a range of materials and suitable for demanding fluids

Micropac handpumps for the fluid power industry. Cost effective manual power solutions.

Precision hydraulic systems using our Micropac components. Innovative design provides miniature but rugged hydraulic solutions for industries, including aerospace, defence, offshore and medical.

OEM hydraulic equipment. Manual hydraulic pumps, fillers, overrides, integral pumps/cylinders and jacks.