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Spice Box

Same-Sex Spicebox Is A Recipe For Sexual Success

22 June 2016 13:30


Couples across the country are spicing up their sex lives with a subscription to Spicebox - and soon same sex couples will also be able to find their own recipes for success in the sack.

Spicebox is a unique subscription service that provides couples with a selection of erotic recipe cards every month - along with all of the ingredients to fulfil the erotic experiences described within. Every box contains all of the toys and other items that will be needed to participate in each of the steamy steps - such as lingerie, outfits, massage oils or candles. It is the perfect tool for lovers to turn up the heat in the bedroom, and opens up a whole new world of shared sexual experiences - without the need to visit an adult shop.

Each recipe card contains a series of sexy suggestions and a step-by-step erotic script designed to help couples open up and learn about one another in a new way. It is building this trusting relationship between couples that is at the heart of the Spicebox mission, and each package is assembled by hand to provide the perfect mixture of mystery and magic.

MySpicebox owner, Madison Tobal says: “Spicebox is a very unique and exciting way of opening up more with your partner and enjoying sexual experiences. Many people look for sex toys because they want to feel those strong emotions flowing when enjoying their time with their partners and Spicebox helps with all this in a fun and stress-free environment.”

Just one of the growing numbers of satisfied Spicebox subscribers is Kate, who says: "I loved this box so much! I was pleasantly surprised by the contents and the massive amount you got in a big, well presented but discreet box. It would appeal to both the kinky and the vanilla – and I would highly recommend it!"

The company will soon be expanding its product range to include two new Spice boxes - this time aimed at same-sex couples: both male and female. Now every couple can create their own recipe for success in the bedroom - whatever their tastes. This dedicated erotic experience for gay couples is an industry first, and sets aside Spicebox as an inclusive and innovative idea for all lovers.

Couples whose appetites have been whetted can sign up for their Spicebox subscription, or try a one-off sample box, at - the discreet plain cardboard boxes can be delivered to the UK or anywhere else in the world and are available in standard and deluxe formats.

Company Information
Spice Box, which started life in November 2015, involves a monthly subscription to help keep your relationship interesting. It’s an innovative approach that delivers every month a different sexual experience with all ingredients you need to follow your erotic recipes.

Contact details: Madison Tobal
Phone: 07460 832984

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Press Contacts

Madison Tobal

Company Owner

Tel: 07460832984


About Spice Box

Spice box is an independent creation that came out of the wish to help couples strengthen their bonds and explore sexuality in a fun way together.

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