About S L Social
S L Social offers personalised social media training and consultancy services, created and delivered by an industry expert with a personal touch via regular social media therapy sessions.

My Journey
Founder Sarah has over 13 years industry experience and has worked in a range of global advertising agencies before taking the leap to start up S L Social. Being accepted onto the Entrepreneurial Spark program has opened up a world of positivity, network and support for her 8 week old business.

Entrepreneurial Character
Sarah expressed intense drive, passion and confidence when approaching Entrepreneurial Spark to support her with business plan. After being accepted after the 1st interview stage, Sarah took the brave and admirable step of quitting her successful career in advertising to start up S L Social; a social media training business. Sarah’s perseverance and ability to overcome challenges, big and small, during the 1st 3 months of business proves an inspiration to all start-ups.

Business Performance
After only 3 months in business, with zero financial support or investment into the business, S L Social generated £13,800 income from 4 clients.

Business Strategy
Sarah has created a strong network of contacts both online and offline. Through inspirational imagery, tips and quotes on her @SLSocial Instagram account, over 200 genuine and loyal followers have been gained (from 0) with a total of 5,000 likes in the 1st 3 months. Twitter has provided S L Social with two key clients, including ITN in London. Sarah has researched and found an array of business and marketing opportunities via social media which has enable her to develop and maintain strategic partnerships. These include becoming a Google Technician and providing social media seminars on behalf of Google, Chamber of Commerce and Leeds Business Week.

Business Impact
S L Social has provided strategies and advice to a large range of clients, from global brands such as ITN, Harvey Nichols and Heineken right through to over 15 local businesses and fellow entrepreneurs. Having proved there is a need for a personalised training business like Sarah’s in Yorkshire, S L Social is now looking at business scalability and how to take things global. Sarah is driven to become an industry leader and provide something new through a series of interactive, educational eBooks, in addition to speaking at key business events throughout the UK.

During the initial 3 months of business, Sarah encountered many social media consultants enter the marketplace. This assisted with business validation but also posed the question of pivoting; should S L Social continue to offer what it initially intended. Sarah believes in her mission to train businesses on how to effectively and efficiently manage their social media presence. Therefore, Sarah continues to ensure she maintains competitive advantage.

Personal values
Sarah has already inspired many fellow entrepreneurs, local business owners and a selection of school leavers who have requested to be employed by S L Social. Sarah has an infectious energy and passion about her, which passes on to her audience via 1-2-1 training sessions and larger workshops. S L Social’s key belief is to empower businesses and Sarah is doing so at an exceedingly fast pace to date.

S L Social Ambitions
S L Social has high ambitions. The business is only 10 weeks, yet is already planning an exciting online global takeover for bespoke training on social media.

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