Owners of family-run businesses could cause their loved ones unnecessary additional distress in the event of their death or incapacity, according to trusted Chelmsford solicitor, Alison Goodier.

Alison, who is Manager of Wills Express, said: “In a recent case a Somerset farmer, Lucy Habberfield, was awarded £1million in damages in a dispute over the inheritance of a family-run farm following the death of her father.

“She did win her case in the end, but not without unnecessary additional distress, which would not have been needed if her father had discussed his proposals for the farm with his family during his lifetime and made a will which reflected agreements made.”

Lucy’s father, Frank, had reportedly promised her a stake in the farm in return for the commitment she and her partner had given to the business, but his will did not reflect this.

Alison added: “Those of us in the legal profession regularly comment on the importance of having open discussions with family members in your lifetime about the contents of your will and this case proves it.”


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Director Alison Goodier has more than 10 years of industry experience.