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Runners Bell

Runbell: Making the roads safer for runners

16 June 2015 10:00


LONDON, June 2015 – Runners across the UK can now be safer on roads, footpaths and lanes due to the availability of Runbell, a handy and unique device that alerts others to their presence.

With dozens of runners killed or injured on the roads and streets each year - largely because they're not seen by motorists or other pedestrians in time, according to a collation of media reports by the website Runners' World - runners need to take all the precautions they can to ensure their safety. Statistics from the Department for Transport in the UK reveal that pedestrian deaths and injuries have been on the rise since 2011, when a total of more than 1,900 people lost their lives and over 21,600 were seriously injured.

There is a growing number of running gadgets available on the market for people who are into fitness and health and doing everything from training for marathons to road and park running. But of all the running gadgets, Runbell is the simplest, and in terms of what it does for the runner's safety, it is undoubtedly the best product out there. It’s available at, with free delivery for a limited period.

This gadget is worn on the finger like a ring and runners simply pull back on a spring to ring the bell and let people know they're behind them and coming through. This is particularly useful in urban running environments that are typically crowded with slow-moving walkers, disrupting runners and causing them to stop.

Runbell is the brainchild of designer Kevin Nadolny, who developed the product using skilled workers and high-quality materials in Japan and with initial capital raised through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The bell's sound is rich and powerful and silicone inserts mean the ring is adjustable to the wearer and fits both men and women. It's extremely lightweight, at just an ounce, or 30 grams, and it has also been designed with fellow pedestrians in mind. That's because many people are startled when a runner suddenly overtakes them from nowhere.

Feedback from runners using Runbell has been overwhelmingly positive.

"I run along the paths and parks in London and it worked for me. No more surprising people when I come running up behind them," said one.

"Runbell is brilliant! Ting-ting all the way!" another said.

"I got lots of smiley faces when I used my Runbell," enthused another happy runner.

A company spokesperson said they were delighted Runbell was now available for runners in the UK:

“We hope runners all over the country will be much safer now that they can get their hands on Runbell."

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About Runners Bell

Run Bell was created by Kevin Nadolny in Japan. I saw the product reviewed in a magazine here in the UK and was so impressed I persuaded Kevin to let me distribute here in the UK. I am now actively promoting the product through the web site

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