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'Roomantics' Reach 1 Year Milestone, Spicing Up Sex Lives Everywhere

15 August 2016 08:00


August celebrations set to mark 'Roomantics' successful 1st Year of adult subscription boxes.

London UK, Monday 14th August 2016 – UK based adult brand 'Roomantics' are set to celebrate reaching their 1st year of causing a stir in the bedroom, since launching their increasingly popular subscription box service.

Stepping into the extremely competitive adult toy and accessory niche only 12 months ago, 'Roomantics' have successfully positioned themselves as a leader in the field, concentrating on delivering an exclusive subscription box service and appealing to a broad range of customers thanks to the convenience, discretion and high-quality products on offer.

Lorraine Samuels commented: “We've been thrilled by the growth of our UK customer base and the great feedback we've been receiving for our subscription box service. We remove the hassle out of choosing the next big thing to spice up your bedroom and our customers love the range of of curated toys and accessories, delivered direct to their door.”

The concept behind the 'Roomantics' subscription box service is powerfully simple, customers select one of three boxes – bedroom basics (for beginners), bedroom essentials (for more experienced users) or bedroom duo (perfect for couples), which then discretely arrive at their door every 3 months, packed with the latest and greatest in adult toys and accessories.

Lorraine continued: “Our sex lives are more important than ever in 2016, with people working longer hours and having less free time to spend with their loved ones. Adult toys are a great way to keep things interesting and have fun. With so many choices out there, it's a real minefield. This is where Roomantics can help. We carefully select the latest and greatest additions for your bedroom.”

For more information on Roomantics or their popular subscription box service, please visit the official website at

About Roomantics:

Roomantics encourages the exploration of sexuality as a natural and healthy act, vital in strengthening intimacy and comfort with one’s own body. In an industry which is often highly stigmatised, Roomantics makes the foray into sex toys more accessible by curating the latest adult products and discreetly deliver these to your door every 3 months.

Media Contact:

Contact: Lorraine Samuels

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About Roomantics

#hotandbothered? We curate the latest adult products and discreetly deliver these to your door every 3 months.

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