On Monday, 16th January, Denise Frankel of Rockcoco Fans received the Freedom of the City of London. Rockcoco Fans is the first London company in more than a century to produce and design luxury hand fans.

The ceremony took place at the Guildhall in the City of London, continuing a tradition that is believed to have started in 1237. Denise Frankel and her sister Janis Sher established Rockcoco Fans in 2014, drawing on a family tradition of high-end craftsmanship that dates back to 1936.

Up to Victorian times, the Freedom of the City allowed members of a Guild or Livery to ply their trade or craft in the Square Mile. It remains as a unique part of London’s history and an honour bestowed on men and women nominated or presented by a Livery Company

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About Rockcoco Fine Fans Ltd

Rockcoco is the first luxury hand fan producers in London for almost a hundred years.
The brand was named Rockcoco which the sisters felt embodied their product, classical with a modern and edgy twist.
The Rockcoco collections are created by artisans using traditional skills and a deep understanding of the rich history of the fan. The hand fans are characterised by attention to detail, luxury materials and an elegance and grace that speak to the modern woman.