A cutting edge public speaking event is due to be held in London next Wednesday.

The Fear to Flow Public Speaking Workshop, run by Geoffrey Owen, will take place on 15th June in the Courtyard theatre in London.

During the workshop, Geoffrey will run you through his new paradigm for public speaking.

His revolutionary new approach will enable you to overcome your fears and help improve your confidence.

Previous attendees Greg and Fiona Scott, Laptop Lifestyle Experts, said: “Geoff's passion, authenticity and ability are palpable.

“There was no-one [on the workshop] who left unchanged.”

By taking part in the Fear to Flow Workshop you will be able to discover the confidence to trust and rely on your natural self-expression to build a rapport, will learn the skills needed to cut hours of preparation time, and will develop the ability to stop using notes in your speeches.

Dragons Den star Rachel Elnaugh said: “I wish I had met Geoff before I did my TED Talk”.

The price of this one day workshop is £397.00 and places are running low.

The new paradigm for public speaking was created after Geoffrey’s own experiences as a professionally trained actor.

He left the theatre because he was plagued by fear, so spent 20 years working to overcome his own fears, and then working with others on theirs.

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#PublicSpeaking Coach for Business, helping you to speak powerfully and with #confidence in public, on camera, in sales presentations, and at job interviews.

Most people approach public speaking from the ‘old paradigm for public speaking’ and this is the single root cause of their confidence challenges. They believe they have to do certain things and be certain ways in order to be ‘good’ at speaking in public. Transformations in public speaking, presenting, pitching and on-camera confidence happen as soon as these assumptions and beliefs are removed and the new paradigm for public speaking is introduced.

About Geoffrey Owen: Geoff is a professionally trained actor who left the theatre because he was crippled by his fear. In the 20+ years since his acting career ended and after many trainings, much research and experience working with people to overcome their fear, Geoff has worked to create the New Paradigm for Public Speaking - a completely new way to approach public speaking that eliminates fear, removes the stress of presenting and allows people to discover their natural self-expression and speak from the heart with authentic confidence.