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James De Moura

Retailer James De Moura launches multilingual translations and customer support including Arabic to meet growing demand

18 August 2015 10:00


Boutique retailer of luxury home accessories, James De Moura is launching a number of international pages to cater for overseas customers in response to growing demand from non-UK buyers.

Managing Director, Richard Herstell, is spearheading the drive towards overseas expansion, commenting; “As a graduate of the University of London, I studied in one of the most dynamic and international environments in the world. Now, at the helm of my own company, I am in an ideal position to reach out to new markets through the application of my linguistic skills together with a solid grasp of growth areas in my sector.”

A particular emphasis is being placed on the present relevance of the Arabic language in retail, which in conjunction with an efficient logistical platform to facilitate shipments to the Gulf, promises much potential for growth.

He adds “the GCC is an important market for James De Moura as it combines a somewhat unique coupling of high purchasing power, both among nationals and expats alike, together with a relative lack of variety of authentic product in the sector when compared with Europe and North America.”

Meanwhile, in response to recent negative economic data from the area, he counters “While some analysts are downbeat about the region in view of the recent fall in oil prices, it is my belief that retail on the whole will remain strong due to level of existing wealth in the GCC, particularly in the more diversified and cosmopolitan city of Dubai, in addition to the positive impact that a sanction-free Iran will have on the surrounding countries.”

To view the latest multilingual content visit or to discover James De Moura’s unique collections see

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About James De Moura

James De Moura purvey exclusive high end, handcrafted interior design objects to private individuals, interior designers and boutique hotels. With a passion for provenance and a strong focus on 'finishing touches', the products, many of which are limited edition, have been sourced from some of the most iconic regions of Europe. The collections include a very special selection of premium pieces for those truly seeking the exceptional. Each design subtly encapsulates the very essence of its origin; from the enduring legacy of Portugal’s Age of Discoveries to the softly undulating vineyards of Provence.

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