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Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

Restaurant owners can find out how the big franchise restaurants keep ahead of the game

19 June 2017 16:36


For restaurant owners who wonder how the big franchise restaurants respond to market changes or lead those market changes, this is the first chance to join the Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit outside of the US.

Speakers include representative from Pizza Hut, Coyote Ugly Saloon, LEON, Fazoli's, iBurgEr, Dat Dog & Wingstop. See the full list here:

If you'd like to interview any of the guest speakers, please contact Rev PR:

20% off the summit entry:
Register online using a 20% off code REVPR20:

Event details:
Grange City Hotel
8-14 Coopers Row
18-20 July

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About Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit

Some ​of ​the ​fastest ​growing ​chains ​in ​the ​restaurant ​industry ​are ​the ​ones ​embracing ​innovation ​throughout ​their ​operations. ​The ​Restaurant ​Franchising ​& ​Innovation ​Summit ​will ​explore ​how ​limited-service ​chains ​can ​leverage ​innovation ​in ​a ​variety ​forms ​— ​from ​experience ​innovation ​to ​kitchen ​innovation ​to ​menu ​innovation ​and ​beyond ​— ​as ​a ​catalyst ​for ​franchise ​expansion.

By continually investigating and investing in cutting-edge solutions for both the front of house and back of house, franchisors put themselves in a very strong position to attract potential franchisees who are seeking opportunities with forward-thinking brands. The Restaurant Franchising & Innovation Summit will help franchisors be more progressive in many areas of their business to attract both investors and customers.

This conference is also a fantastic opportunity to gain insight into how franchising your restaurant concept could be your best way for business growth.

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