With a new year comes a wave of decorating patterns and styles for the home. Realmist Creation bridges the gap between art and design with their innovative bathroom décor.

Inspired by everyday living, designer Gideon Obuobi creates bathroom spaces with unique style, amazing textiles and colour patterns made perfectly for any home setting. Every product is of the finest quality and the most competitively priced on the market.

“We understand how styling your space can be an overwhelming process. We work with clients from the conceptual stage, manage painters and decorators throughout the delivery of the final design touches. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our designs embodies our client’s personal style,” said Gideon Obuobi, co-founder and designer of Realmist Creations.

Gideon has a background in arts and diploma in design. He specializes in Bespoke Residential projects for private clients and property developers throughout the UK and Africa. He works closely with his partner and artist Ruth Nyarko, who handles the business affairs.

To learn more about Realmist Creations, visit or follow Realmist Creations on Facebook and Instagram.

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About Realmist Creations

Founded in 2007, Realmist Creations is among the top designers in the U.K. with projects in Africa and other parts of the globe. Their bespoke designs offers a wide-range of innovative ideas and products. Additionally, their unique luxury designs can be personalized for any home.