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Havering College

Regional leaders, employers and teachers have applauded the new STEM strategy and Hi-SET Hub launched by Havering College.

07 December 2015 10:15


At the beginning of November, Havering College opened their new Hi-SET Hub, a dedicated project to aid advanced development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics within the college. The Hi-Set Hub will work with businesses to encourage real life problem-based learning and will ensure that workforces are trained with the skills that companies need to thrive.
The Hi-SET Hub opening was a great success which not only gave students the opportunity to network with potential employers, but was also a day filled with inspirational and enterprising ideas.

Simon Singh, PhD MBE, Writer and broadcaster, officially opened the Hub with a most powerful and engaging speech. He explained how an understanding of maths and science is so valued by employers across a huge spectrum of occupations because it develops the rational and analytical thinking skills that are vital in problem solving and innovation. He demonstrated the wide range of applications for maths, using the fact that The Simpsons, one of the most successful comedy series of all times, is written by mathematicians and is literally littered with mathematical references. Who knew maths could be so entertaining? And above all, he communicated to the audience just how important and beneficial this exciting STEM project is.

The launch gave a fantastic insight in to how the Hi-SET Hub will work and all the potential this project has to offer. With more of a focus on STEM subjects, students will become better qualified consequently attracting more high-skilled jobs to the area


Havering College Principal Maria Thompson said: "Havering College is committed to helping employers and the workforce in our region to meet the skill needs of the future that are vital in driving regeneration and prosperity. Much of the growth in jobs will be driven by the need for skills, knowledge and experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). All Havering College students will be encouraged to strengthen their skills in Mathematics, Science, IT and Engineering through their courses, enrichment opportunities or the Hub”

Speaking at the launch of the STEM manifesto at the college's Careers & Ideas Show, Professor Medhat said: "This is a key milestone for Havering College. We have identified new clusters of technologies, scientific areas and engineering areas that reflect the needs of business and industry. The new clusters will also provide students with a great opportunity to register on fabulous new programmes. What is different about Havering College is that it provides the technical skills and the professional skills that companies are looking for but also develops the capability of the person him or herself."

Crossrail Employability and Brokerage manager Chris Dransfield said: "Recent construction industry forecasts indicate that the sector needs to recruit an additional 200,000 workers by 2019. Ensuring that skills training organisations provide young people with the right skills, knowledge, attitude and understanding is an essential element of meeting this demand and bringing forward the next generation of construction workers. I fully support Havering College's focus on STEM and providing young people with the ability to seize these opportunities."

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About Havering College

Havering College of Further & Higher Education is a college with three campuses in the London Borough of Havering, east London, England. One campus is based in Ardleigh Green, under the Hornchurch post town; Quarles is based in Harold Hill and the third is Rainham Campus Construction Centre. It educates part and full-time students aged 16+. The current principal is Maria Thompson.

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