Unplug from your busy daily life and recalibrate your mind and body through an immersive, dance fitness and wellness program in Montepagano, Italy. Bold Bodies deliver results through a strict philosophy based on movement, empathy and food discipline.
This experience is limited to 8-10 guests per session. Part of the retreat is a workshop session where participants will learn how to self recover by using food. A transformative experience that will change your life style.
Available Dates in April, May, June and September from £550.00

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Bold Bodies organize transformative movement experiences. Every routine has simple, repetitive and isometric, movements. Participants (women only) challenge the body to engage the mind and bad patterns in their body. Guided instruction and curated music, help participants to un-pack their body and re-built in a healthy new prospective. The result is a emotional, heart-opening, empowering release. A new way to challenge the body and reach the mind.

The main routine of Bold Bodies is Aeroballet, a TD package that transform your body completely.

Founder Diana Eugeni Le Quesne, a injured dancer with a degree in Architecture and a previous work in fashion, who love challenges and people.