The media is brimming with news concerning the environment and the impact of plastic on a sustainable world.

Corporate companies are taking their economic and social responsibilities seriously and Eagle Plastics Limited ( are playing their part too.

Market Leaders
Established nearly 25 years ago, Midlands based thermoplastics supplier have experienced continued substantial growth to become market leaders in their field. But it’s not all about the ‘bottom line’ as Sales Director, James Ivison helps to explain, ‘Here at Eagle Plastics, we have an environmental conscience. As suppliers to a range of industries including automotive, point of sale, and healthcare clients we want to offer not only the best quality products, but products that are environmentally friendly too. We are not just concerned with how products look cosmetically, but are equally conscious about the product’s whole life cycle. Few people realise, but all of our stock is 100% recyclable that’s all 600 tonnes of it.’

He went on to add, ‘Service plays a major part in our industry. Offering short lead times, bespoke cutting service, our own delivery vans plus a huge stockholding, are all major factors that have contributed to our growth. But we want to be industry innovators and mindful of our contribution to the sustainable planet. As part of our service, we offer a buy back recycling facility here in Leicester. Where possible we want to recycle and offer the facility to make it easier for clients recycling plastics. All of our ABS and HIPS are suitable for chipped recycling. Waste products can be returned to our facility with some favourable rates. The chipped recycled sheets can then be either used as a master batch to produce regrind HIPS and regrind ABS or ‘Jazz ‘ as sometimes addressed in the industry.

The use of plastic in Western Europe is growing at a rate of about 4% each year, with the average family throwing away approximately 40kg of plastic per year which could otherwise be recycled. Due to the nature of thermoplastics, they don’t thermoset, which means that they can be re-moulded more than once; great news from a recycling perspective!

Eagle Plastics don’t stop there. The team are constantly challenging themselves to think outside the box. Think of applications where their products which include HIPS, ABS, PETG can be used to maximum benefit and help the environment. Managing Director Darren Clarke commented, ‘We are very excited, as currently we are working on two significant projects both with a distinctive ‘green’ angle where our plastics are being considered. The two applications are very different in nature, one in housing and the other in healthcare, but both should offer not only a financial benefit to the client, but also help with their green credentials too. Watch this space for more news as these and other projects unravel.’

A new wide-ranging UK Plastics Pact was launched on 26th April. So far 42 businesses including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, and Coca-Cola have signed up. They are committed to achieving certain targets by 2025 including 70 per cent of plastic packaging to be effectively recycled or composted.

Eagle Plastics Limited are committed and onboard. Their pink, yellow, red, blue, purple plastics, all happen to be ‘green’ too!

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