UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 24 July 2017 07:00

On Sunday mornings this summer a colourful group of storytellers, artists, musicians, and ‘normal people’ like you and me have been bringing back joy and hope to London’s troubled bridges and public spaces.

Led by Tom Morley, founder member and drummer with the 80’s band Scritti Politti, Black Tie White Lie is a street performance group that anyone can join between 10am and 12 noon. As the protective concrete barriers go up on Waterloo Bridge’s kerbside Tom’s group have been dedicated to ensuring barriers continue to come down between London’s eclectic population, The ‘Black Tie’ refers to the way the crowd of 20 or so revellers dress. But what’s the ‘White Lie’ all about?

Do you remember the fun of staying up all night at a party, a wedding reception, or a relay of late night events that ended up with a hard-core group of up-all-night party people going for breakfast together? This event leads to a well-earned breakfast at Giraffe on the South Bank. However, everyone only PRETENDS to have been up all night, they actually got a good night’s sleep.

Permission to behave ‘creatively’ in public is what it’s all about. And you have two opportunities to join them singing, dancing, and laughing uproariously. Sunday July the 30th and Sunday September the 3rd are the remaining 2017 dates.

Who hasn’t looked at a group of such people on a Sunday morning, feather boas trailing, bow ties undone, mascara smudged (and that’s just the men!) and thought – “Wow, that must have been some party! I wish I could have been there”. Now you can. Solo or with a group of friends, you will be welcomed with open arms by Tom and his crew. And no hangover!

More details visit the dedicated Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1857541237832687/
Cost: £5 cash on the day. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BlackTieWhiteLie/

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About Instant Teamwork

Tom Morley, of Scritti Politti and Instant Teamwork fame, invented Black Tie White Lie. One could say it was customer led, with Tom being the main customer. Unable to stay up ALL night partying any more, but missing those irreverent sunrise searches for decent coffee, he invited a bunch of his most intelligent and adventurous pals to join him for some morning exercise. Not so much health and fitness but more filth and hipness.

Back in 20011 those friends were older folk who still yearned for their rock’n’roll days (especially parents) but in 2017, through connecting with drum sessions at Morning Gloryville, some of their morning ravers are jumping on board. These millennials are used to getting up to rave at 5:30am so for them the 10am start time is a luxury, as one said at the last event, “It’s so great to have a lie-in and STILL be able to party!”.