Please see below regarding a new website named where pope can post the jobs they need doing at home or business and Traders will simply reverse bid on these job or submit quotes online. A kind of eBay concept but in reverse. Basically, these are real people posting jobs, really traders bidding giving real feedbacks to both, all that covered under a contract, change request, daily diary logs and much more. Please read below the full story.

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What are the reasons for
"The fact that I’ve been in the construction industry for so many years did not save me from issues with local builders! So I can imagine how stressful it can be for people each time they want work to be done - it is literally a gamble."
The idea started when I decided to have my own home and moved to Cannock for work purposes. The house we moved into was from 1960s, the walls were fully covered with wallpaper all around, so we thought that we move in, buy or hire one of these wallpaper removing steam machines, peel the wallpaper out, paint the walls - simple! Unfortunately, we soon found out the walls were not as good as expected and it became such a big job that we decided to start the process of contacting construction companies. Not being from the area, I decided to start hunting for builders on Google, Yellow pages, 112, 118 and local newspapers. We also began to ask a local people and started to get involved with the neighbours. After a few weeks I managed to get 11 contacts, between text messages, voicemails, emails and calls in noisy background. I finally managed to book appointments with 8 of them which is pretty good I think. From these 8 only 6 turned-up. Out of these 6, 1 said the project was too big, the other said was too small, and 4 said I will be giving you a quote by the end of the week. Unfortunately, one came back with a quote. Well frankly, I had no choice then to give the job to him unless I wanted to start again and delay the start for another 3 or 4 weeks which is the time it takes between searching, speaking, booking and waiting for the quote. Unfortunately, after a few weeks we started to notice that some of the things they were doing were just not right. At the time I was working away from home so my wife was highlighting to them things that should have been obvious to them as professional builders. Anyway, at the end we had no choice than to search again for someone to finish off the job which ended up costing us a fortune and after 1 year (instead of 6 weeks) it was finally completed.
"Surely there must be a way that you can post your job online and traders would simply reverse bid on your job."
This was the trigger to start thinking of a way to make people's lives easier…. a place where you can get the best quote and they can choose which trader can bid on jobs, not the other way around. A place where Clients and Traders can publish their jobs, ask and answer questions, make viewing bookings. Traders could decide the jobs they want to do and Clients could select Traders they want based on their reputation. They could have a way to record progress, accept and reject time and quote changes, keep records of all the process from the day the job was posted to the completion date and beyond. And most importantly, a place they can be assured that if there is an issue with a builder it can get solved and highlighted to others.
"This is when YouKwoteMe was born."
Established in 2014, YouKwoteMe project has developed a tested and proven four step concept where people and Traders can literally save time and money on any building project. By collecting some feedback, we have even expanded this concept to other areas such as Website design, building regulations, planning and permission drawings. In addition to that, we have started to make an impact to the local community by engaging with the local Scouts group and helping them to build a website for free with other projects on the pipeline such as converting a storage room to an office.
"We are helping local communities to build a website and an office conversion."
Why a revolution?
YouKwoteMe has been likened to give possible impact to match eBay, Shiply and UShip. Imagine a few years back when eBay did not exist. Try to remember how you used to sell your unwanted objects? Now we tend to sell anything, it looks like there is always someone somewhere prepared to pay for your unwanted possession. So now imagine the same for the work you need doing at your home and business? Imagine a place where you simply post your job online and traders, builders, professionals and building merchants can submit quotes or reverse bid on the job they want to do?.
Why is this so unique/ makes us stand out from other sites?
Any person can post jobs for free.
People and traders are covered under the YouKwoteMe contract. This means that when a job is posted, the Client has 30 days to decide whether or not he wants to proceed with the work When the works starts, both parties are protected by this contract.
When the works are progressing, both builders and users can record progress (text and images) using the diary log.
One of the most common disputes it when there are changes that may increase the cost and/or the time to do the work. We have created the change request tool which is a simple record to inform the Client when there is a change, if it will increase the cost or time and how much it will be. When the client receives the request, he is then asked to approve or reject it and propose new solutions.
All our Approved Traders undergo a checking process that includes:
Company name
Public Liability Insurance
Credit check
We do match any feedback that they may have had from other companies but we try to focus on real people giving real feedback on real jobs so that when you look for traders feedback, you can see what types of jobs they have been doing rather than comments related to jobs that noone has seen or even feedback left by friends and families.
Our revenue is based on the size of the company rather than per lead. We have 6 plans starting as little as £2.45 per month.
Who are we?
Lyndsey James Hinton: Is our Business Development and Marketing Manager. Her background is in Telecomms where she has played a significant part in the development of billing and marketing systems for Vodafone and Orange. She was also part of the launch team for a new mobile telecomms company in the Netherlands called Dutchtone. She is a key turning point in our strategy for the development of this significant and challenging project.
Marta Baptista: Marta is our Customer Relations and Financial Manager, working hand in hand with the Client to ensure the project meets the needs of the customer and also the day to day running of YouKwoteMe. Marta has a strong people management and financial background in large organisations.
Pascal Baptista: CEO and founder of YouKwoteMe, the mastermind behind the concept and the project. Pascal has a UK Masters Degree in Construction Management, is full member of two Engineering Associations, in addition to further training courses and experience and he is the front face of the project, making sure the functionalities of the website are updated and interlinked in a logical way.
Vinnie Pickles: Is the experience that any organisation needs. Vinnie has been working in the construction industry all his life, managing small to multimillion pound projects. He is our overall internal decision maker and is adored by all of us as his knowledge is just priceless.

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I tend to compare YouKwoteMe to eBay, Shiply, UShip on the way we perceive and we sell everything now, but looking back, where did use to sell what was no longer needed? Well we use to sell only things that was worth the time and effort spent.
So now think about what do you do now each time you need work to be done at home or business, you need to search for a Trader online, yellow pages, news papers... from there you need to call them and try to describe what you want to be done where most of the times you will be also faced with all sorts of situations such as noisy background, no attention, no answer, no reply and facing difficult questions. Thereafter you schedule bookings, or try to, where you realise that only a few Traders will turn-up, you will be faced with all sorts of reactions, questions to other things. Only e few will be sending a quote or ask to view again and you are going to find out that the quotes have different values as the results of some builders having included items and the others not. Very confusing and time consuming process.
With YouKwoteMe the only thing people have to do is to post their work online and builders will reverse bid on their job all online. There are 3 types of jobs that User can choose from, reverse bid where all traders without restrictions, the other option is reverse bid but traders will have to be approved by the user before bidding, and the other option is to submit Kwotes where traders submit kwotes to the user. If the User do not know how much will cost to do a job there can request for the starting bid to be submitted by traders first which as soon as one is accepted this will be the starting bidding value for the revers bid. During the auction, Traders can ask questions and user answer them online on the job in detail page, and traders can book appointments to see the job all via YouKwoteMe without the ned to disclose contact details. When the auction has ended, the user has 30 days to decide if they want to go ahead with the work and maintain the kwote, if they do, both will be bonded with the YouKwoteMe contract which includes any information that has been agreed and published during the auction, both are asked to do a daily diary log where they record progress with text and pictures and documents, mark payments made and received, also during this time Traders and Users can submit change requests which is a simple process where a request is submitted which highlights the important facts such as extra cost and/or time. Once the job is marked as completed from both they will then give feedback to each other. And the job is archived. In the event of having a dispute, both can raise one at any time, once one is raised a 30 days allowance is made for both to reach a deal, if one of the parties or the 30days lapsed is the time where YouKwoteMe team act in trying to understand and solve the problem. If we cannot solve it, it is then passed on to the relevant identities such as small claim court. Also it is worth notting that if a dispute is raised both profiles are being marked as having a dispute case open which increases the likelihood of being rejected for bids if wanting to bid on other jobs.
We are working in partnering with a Home Improvement insurance company which are doing a credit check to 100% of our traders, if the check is ok and the documentation provided is ok and they have a valid CSCS card this is when they are awarded with the YouKwoteMe approved trader stamp.