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Radical New Ways to Promote Businesses Offered to UK SMEs

31 March 2016 17:15

UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 01 April 2016 00:00

UK business owners are to be given a hand when selling their business with six innovative, game-changing methods of advertising being offered today.

Business for sale marketplace Bizdaq has devised six radical business promotion methods to help bring attention to business sales. Owners have options including hiring a town crier to shout about their business, sending interested buyers a Lego kit to build a scale model of their business, and using Superhydrophobic coating on pavements to display adverts when it rains.

Each method is designed to address an issue – the Lego kit enables interested buyers to see a scaled-down model of the business, removing the possibility of being put off by a bad camera angle or photo whilst our Spray Paint a Sheep package, where we spray paint a message about the business sale on sheep in rural areas, helps to promote the sale in areas where internet connection might be slow or non-existent.

The full range of promotional tools being offered is:

• Sending interested buyers a Lego kit to build a scale model of the business
• Having your sales particulars written in the form of crop circles
• Using a skywriter to write a message about a business sale above the place of business
• Spray painting sheep with a message about a business sale in rural areas
• Using Superhydrophobic coating to show a message about a business sale in the rain
• Hiring a town crier to proclaim information about a business sale in local towns and villages

By helping people to showcase their business in a range of weird and wacky ways, Bizdaq hopes it will not only help the hard-working business owners of the UK to bring more attention to the sale of their business and help them achieve a higher selling price, but bring more attention to the business transfer industry as a whole.

Sean Mallon, CEO of Bizdaq, said “We work with a lot of business owners, and we’re doing a lot to help people sell their business for a better price, but one problem persists – not enough people know about the business transfer industry.”

“Too many people think that a start-up is the only way to get into business, when this simply isn’t the case. By helping people to market their business sale in a fun, eye-catching way, we hope that more people will become aware of the business transfer industry, and business sellers can get more money for their hard work.”

“The transfer industry has many of the same issues as estate agencies – bad photos and lack of knowledge about a sale can really put people off an otherwise fantastic opportunity. We’ve tried to combat these issues in ways nobody has ever seen before to really help the UK’s businesspeople get what they deserve for their hard work. We hope that by providing such attention-grabbing methods of promoting a business, we’ll help people maximise awareness of business sales!”

To see the exciting new business promotion methods, please see our page here:

Notes to editors

Bizdaq is an online platform that makes it easier to buy and sell businesses in the UK. By operating as a completely free to use online service, Bizdaq gives business owners the flexibility to sell with far lower outlay, or even to change their mind without having sunk unnecessary cost. Bizdaq gives small businesses the tools needed to complete their sale as well as giving them choice.

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