The Racefully app is challenging the world’s runners to determine the fate of humankind - human victory or vampire takeover!

LONDON [16 Sept, 2016] -- Racefully is inviting runners around the world to join their first annual Humans vs. Vampires virtual run challenge via the Racefully running app.

The Racefully running app puts the focus on the social running experience, enabling groups of runners to connect in the app and run together - in real time - regardless of each person’s location. In October, Racefully will launch Tribes, helping runners to form groups around shared interests, causes and goals and to spur one another on with challenges and virtual events.

Humans vs. Vampires marks Racefully’s first tribe-powered event. From October 14th to 29th, participants can run as part of Tribe Humans (morning runners) or Tribe Vampires (everyone who runs in the afternoon or nighttime). Runners can contribute to their tribe by running with the app anywhere and anytime at their convenience, and every mile they log with the Racefully app will count for their tribe. On October 29th at 1:00pm (UK time), each tribe will have one last chance to win the challenge by participating in the final Halloween 5k run. Once that’s finished, the tribe with the most miles logged wins - and seals the fate of humankind.

Racefully Community Manager, Hannah Allen, who devised this first-ever virtual challenge, says: “At Racefully we love social, playful team-based exercise, so we couldn’t think of a better way to launch our new Tribe feature than by resolving the thousands of years of strife between humans and vampires. Since days of old, sun-loving morning runners have battled it out with spooky striders who prefer running as the sun sets and into the night. Thanks to the Racefully community, this ages-old battle will soon be decided. All we can say is the fate of humankind is now in the Racefully community’s hands - or should we say running shoes?!” A Racefully spokesperson also confirmed that the company would be reporting from the Humans vs. Vampires battlefield HQ on humanity’s progress during the challenge, and anyone interested in the fate of humanity should stay tuned.

Humans vs. Vampires is now accepting early registration and entry is free of charge. Read all of the details on Humans vs. Vampires at

Racefully is available to download in the Apple App Store free of charge:

If you would like to learn more about Racefully, please contact:
Luciana Se
+44 (0) 7946 741894

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