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Emerging natural British skincare brand, Puriskin launch their Puriskin Nurse Aid Cream in collaboration with Birchbox UK.

Following from the sell-out of Puriskin in the May 2016 via Birchbox, with the brand's two best-selling resurfacing skincare products; Resurfacing Cream for dry skin and the Resurfacing Formula for sensitive skin, which received overwhelming recognition and repeatedly ran out of stock with purchasing customers within the first few weeks of promotion, now collaborate to launch the Nurse Aid Cream for Hands and Nails

‘We are extremely proud of how Puriskin creams have been received in the market,’ advises Brand Ambassador Amanda Shayle, ‘we are excited to work with Birchbox and Nurses, with the, Nurse Aid Cream, which brings targeted relief to the damage typical of hard working hands and our driving ethos is always to provide highly effective natural healing solutions for dermatological conditions that most commonly affect men and women.’

Puriskin Nurse Aid was developed originally in clinical practice with nurses and doctors in mind, whose hands are routinely exposed to frequent washing, harsh chemicals or irritants such as latex gloves – all of which can lead to long-term chronic damage and vulnerability to the skin surface targeting ailments such as painful splits and cracks, excessive dryness and irritation, hang nails and damage to the sensitive cuticle area.
The product is designed to improve the skins protective barrier function and protect against the surface dehydration that commonly affects dry skin even after moisturising. Nurse Aid is formulated with powerful Vitamin B5 to seal in moisture and harnesses the collagen-simulating benefit of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial Orange oil for cellular nourishment to provide lasting hydration and conditions the skin to facilitate the healing process.

Further benefit of the fast-action formula is derived from its non-stinging emollient action on splits and rashes and the non-greasy texture that absorbs rapidly enabling practitioners such as those in healthcare using latex gloves or outdoor workers using protective hand gear to put these on straight after application.

In addition to collaborating with Birchbox, Puriskin is currently working with Nurses and Nurse Bloggers to share their experience with the cream.

Puriskin Nurse Aid will be made available in the £10 subscription box in a practical aluminium sampling tin while the full size version is offered in a travel-friendly, hygienic airless pump available online from Birchbox.

To purchase Puriskin full size products visit the Birchbox e-shop: www.birchbox.co.uk/shop.
For media enquiries contact: Heena at pr@fpcomms.co.uk


ABOUT Puriskin
PURISKIN is a British natural skincare and aesthetic mineral cosmetics brand developing restorative products originally for use in clinical practice and informed by the principles of complementary medicine to support the healing mechanisms of skin as well as to reduce the skin’s bruising and inflammatory responses post invasive treatments such as needling, surgery and radiation therapy.
Parent company Vanessa Blake Cosmetics is a mineral make-up brand delivering a well-being approach to beauty, beauty services and skincare servicing consumer and trade in the mainstream, medical aesthetic and fashion markets.
The British brand was founded in 2008, is London-based and has key offices in Atlanta and New York.
Based on positive feedback from both general practice and practitioners in alternative therapy PURISKIN is furthering its reach into the consumer market.
Puriskin Nurse Aid for Hands and Nails - Key ingredients and benefits:

- Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly
- Petrochemical-, Lanolin- and Paraben-free
- VEGETABLE GLYCERIN aids natural moisture retention.
- ORANGE OIL promotes the production of collagen in the hands and increases blood flow to the skin. Also a soothing oil for dry and irritated skin.
- ALLANTOIN (from the root of the Comfrey plant) delivers exceptional wound healing and facilitates the shedding of dead skin cells.
- TIGERGRASS aids in the formation of collagen and cellular dermal repair.
- VITAMIN E delivers anti-inflammatory support to help prevent premature aging, and protects against water loss to reduce the dryness which can lead to painful cracks and splits.
- VITAMIN B5 is highly hydrating making it an effective itch-remedy and a reliable barrier shielding skin from irritations such as contact dermatitis, while also promoting the regeneration of new skin cells and helps to strengthen fingernails.

For further information, visit www.puriskinbyvb.com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – Puriskin, @puriskin #puriskin.

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