Emerging, natural, British skincare brand Puriskin by Vanessa Blake Cosmetics, expand their product portfolio and deepen market presence with their Sleep Soothe.

Puriskin Sleep Soothe, a botanical balm-stick designed for the pulse points, is a unique therapeutic formula blended with the principles of aromatherapy to release a relaxing scent and induce a natural and deep sleep.

Soothingly effective with the widely-renowned tension-relieving benefits of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Marjoram, Puriskin Sleep Soothe works in harmony with the body’s receptors to clear the head, quiet the mind and relax the body.

The practical twist up blend is rubbed onto the temples, forehead or back of the neck and wrists before bed, penetrating directly at these receptive areas of the body with calming and rebalancing action while breathing in deeply to facilitate a restful sleep.

Marva Williams founder of Puriskin by Vanessa Blake Cosmetics advises; “As an emerging brand we are extremely proud of the natural products that we create and our mission is to help people achieve healthy skin with formulations that work without the use of problematic ingredients to support the body’s innate and protective responses. The importance of a good night’s sleep for the body’s overall immunity and its benefits for a healthy complexion are well known so we are particularly delighted to offer Sleep Soothe as one of our latest botanical aids to our consumers.”

Puriskin Sleep Soothe is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and in keeping with the brand’s wholesome ethos is entirely free of lanolin, steroids, petrochemicals and parabens.

In celebration of World Sleep Day on 17 March 2017, the first 100 people can receive a free Sleep Soothe for the price of P&P* - one product per person.

For more information about Puriskin visit or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @puriskin #puriskin

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