Keeping on track with your fitness can be tough in the lead up to Christmas. But now Boostbox have released a protein-filled alternative advent calendar to help you weather the festive period whilst still making sure you get a treat every single day.

There is a huge trend this Christmas towards alternative advent calendars and this coupled with the boom in the health and fitness industry makes the protein advent calendar a no-brainer.

Presented in bold, energetic blue the calendar looks like a giant gift wrapped in a bow and makes the perfect gift to yourself or early stocking filler for someone else. Behind each window is a premium protein-packed treat from top quality brands such as PhD, Mars and Nutramino, each with an average protein content of 20g. There will be flavours for all taste buds ranging from frosted cinnamon roll and banana bread to birthday cake and cookie dough. The calendar is retailing between £39.99 and £49.99 and contains products of over £60 RRP.

The calendar was dreamt up by university mates Curt Weston and Sam Burke, who are both passionate about all things health and fitness.

For Curt, the calendar is boost by name, but also boost by nature:

“Get a boost every day during the cold, dark month that is December and rejuvenate your festive fitness game so that you want to wake up, open your calendar, and get yourself into the gym for your daily dose of fitness.

It will also introduce you to a variety of great tasting products that you might not have known existed. In this sense, you might find that having your protein snack of the day is enough to count as something ‘naughty’ and that you don’t even feel tempted by the office doughnuts…”

Sam also speaks of the additional problems that training in the winter months brings:

“The main challenges are eating right and fitting your fitness in, especially with the hangovers post-Christmas party! December is an incredibly social time when you are more likely to eat out and have a drink or two. And the cold, dark mornings make it much more difficult to motivate yourself to get to the gym. Just try and remember that serious progress can be made over winter so when summer comes around you’ll already have been smashing your goals for months.”

Also included with the calendar will be a festive-inspired ‘sled’ workout, healthy winter recipes to try out in between the mince pies and yule log, specially-curated Spotify festive/fitness playlists, and 50% off the Boostbox subscription box launching in January.

Shipments go out mid-late November with delivery guaranteed before 1 December – one thing is certain, if you are crazy about fitness then this is the advent calendar for you.

Get yours now at

For more information, please contact Curt or Sam on and or 07802336694 and 07896725299.

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Boostbox is an emerging brand in the health and fitness product arena, looking to capitalise on current market trends and opportunities including the move away from the idea that dieting = health, and towards the notion that stronger really is better.

Fitness is what you make of it - the barrier between what is for men and women has been smashed down, boot-camps are in vogue, fashionable gym-wear is a must, and HIIT classes are popping up in nightclubs.

Boostbox isn’t just going to be a part of this movement, it will drive it forwards into new directions.

Boostbox is the brainchild of two fitness-obsessed university friends, Curt Weston, and Sam Burke - they have a range of fitness interests including powerlifting, bodybuilding, cycling, running, football, skiing and yoga - their mantra is to bring their knowledge and passion of the fitness and health food markets to the cutting edge of peoples’ fitness games.