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Proptech Startup ParkBee is Sending 600 Personal Letters to Londoners This Week!

07 June 2017 11:00


ParkBee is offering 3 months of free parking to one of the lucky recipients of their letter!

The Startup has sent over 600 letters to Londoners who live close to their car parks, giving them a chance to win 3 months of free parking.

Parking has become increasingly more expensive in London and ParkBee is fighting this rise in prices by opening under-used/private car parks, therefore being able to offer a cheap parking option to the public.

In order to win, it’s very simple, the recipients of the letters just have to post a picture of said letter on social media and tag @ParkBeeUK & #bestparkofmyday!

With this marketing campaign, the startup is hoping to raise awareness of their brand as well as their new car parks in London. All this while helping one lucky winner to save a lot of money on commuting for the next 3 months!

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Press Contacts

Ariana Alexander-Sefre

Marketing Manager

Tel: +447958491107


About ParkBee

Most major cities have parking issues; it is usually difficult and unaffordable to find a decent parking spot. However, there are plenty of private car parks in great locations, sitting vacant for long periods of time, that are not accessible for public use.

These include private office car parks, hotel car parks, shopping centres and private plots of land sitting in locations with high parking demand. These are the types of sites that could join the sharing economy, making parking better for the public, better for the environment as congestion is lowered, and also bringing the site owner a good extra income.

ParkBee has developed smart technology that opens up these private car parks to the public, making the parking experience seamless and more affordable.


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