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Probably the best advice small businesses will get this year.

15 September 2014 10:05


In conjunction with the Government supported Start Up Loan Company chaired by James Caan, Journolink will be hosting the Twitter chat with all those on board and a whole network of other successful entrepreneurs and commentators to draw out the ten biggest trends small business owners will face over the coming year and how they can both anticipate them, and use them to their advantage in growing their businesses. The more experts that join, especially the influential politicians, the richer the advice will be.

As part of MADE's offerings, at 3.00pm Journolink will be presenting a summary of what is expected to be the most power packed hour of advice the sector has ever seen.

Managing Director of Journolink, Gemma Guise, is encouraging as full a contribution as possible from everyone. ‘The MADE Festival is one of the biggest and most important business events in the annual calendar. By drawing on the expertise of such an influential body of successful business entrepreneurs through this unique twitter chat opportunity we hope that we can help MADE genuinely add to the economic growth of small businesses”

To join the twitter chat, and contribute to the push for growth, Use #MADE2014

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