At the Tax Smart Group we had to make a tough decision on which Cloud Accounting Software to use. The decision was made tougher by the number of options on the market today; Xero, Sage One, Freeagent, Clearbooks, Intuit Quickbooks, are just a few of the cloud accounting software’s on the market.

Thousands of Accounting Firms in the UK and probably world-wide are having to make the same decision – Which cloud accounting software do we use?

Change in the accounting field is inevitable and the current driver is HRMC with their digital plan 2020 but it is a matter of time when clients will drive the demand for cloud accounting and those accountants that are turning a blind eye are taking a huge gamble on their business, a gamble where the odds are stacked up against them.

So how did a firm like Tax Smart Group who deals predominantly with Contractors, Locums and Freelancers as well as Growing Businesses make the decision to use Xero?

“Simple” according to Ali Afzal a Relationship Manager at Tax Smart Group, “We tried all the solutions” he laughs “We had to know about all the options, so that we could never be out maneuvered by our competition and in order for us to claim that we have the best solution on the market for our clients”

“We have had to make a significant investment in training and up skilling our staff and therefore did not want to make the wrong decision and have to retrain our staff 6 months later if we choose the wrong cloud accounting software”

Xero now has over 100,000 business users in the UK and 4000 UK Partners. Xero is one of the only software to offer real-time bank feeds which is not possible in any of the other cloud accounting software and this was the REAL decision maker for the Tax Smart Group.

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