In the UK, we're often very shy about going to the doctor. That means that many of us will use any excuse to postpone an unwanted check-up or annual physical. If you find yourself saying: "The phone was busy," or "I forgot to call and now it's the weekend," or "They told me to call back next week," then you should join thousands of other patients and embrace the latest advances in health-focused technology to get yourself back on track!

Here are a number of health companies that will help you reduce the friction of finding an appointment:

1. Doctify (

Created by two NHS surgeons, Doctify lets you search, compare and book doctors, dentists and health specialists at a time that suits you. The company's founders say that they are "creating the healthcare experience you want" and are leading the way in developing innovative ways for patients to search and access healthcare. You can search for specific conditions or procedures (e.g., psoriasis, knee ligament repair) and you will be matched with a list of doctors who have indicated that they are specialised in that particular field.

With Doctify’s growing network of members, anyone in London can find an appointment within walking distance their home or place of work. This makes getting to see the doctor faster and easier and crucially reduces the barriers that may lead to postponing an important check. Doctify wants to help ensure that everyone gets to see the doctor they need, at the best time!

2. Doctor Care Anywhere (

Doctor Care Anywhere allows patients to access GPs online and in person. The service is available to anyone in the UK and appointments can be made anytime between 8am and 10pm, seven days a week. You no longer need to travel to a GP, wait for an appointment or worry about queues in the waiting room. Download the app and start open a video link with the GP at a time that suits you.

3. Chemist Direct (

Health technology can even help you get your prescriptions faster. Chemist Direct is one of the most established and trusted online pharmacies in the UK. Following a consultation with a number of online GP companies (including DoctorCareAnywhere) you can easily order your prescriptions from sites like Chemist Direct. The medications can often be available within 4 hours and delivered to an address of your choosing.


With our busy schedules, we often find excuses to postpone going to a doctor. Health tech companies like Doctify, DoctorCareAnywhere and Chemist Direct mean that the barriers to patients have been greatly reduced making it easier than ever to stay healthy.

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For every one of us, the most precious thing we have is our health. Need a GP, dermatologist, dentist or cardiologist? allows you to search, compare and book a medical specialist in less than 60 seconds.

Doctify has established itself as the leading UK start-up in its sector. The company provides SaaS solutions for healthcare specialists across 47 medical specialists, enabling the thousands of patients using Doctify every month to improve the way they access healthcare. Doctify’s vision is to place its products in the hands of every healthcare provider and patient with a suite of interconnected mobile and web-based products is well on its way.

Doctify was recently awarded a prize by HRH The Duke of York in a competition run to identify companies that would likely drive future innovation in the UK HealthTech sector. In October 2016, Doctify announced that it had closed a Series A round led by top UK VC, Amadeus Capital.

Doctify is driven by a passionate belief that technology-led innovation can help drive greater transparency and access to healthcare: we are a HealthTech platform and we are building a revolutionary backbone for healthcare providers, doctors and patients.