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Plan Well Eat Well helps busy parents cook healthy meals on a budget

25 August 2015 12:30



Plan Well Eat Well helps busy parents cook healthy meals on a budget.
UK Tech Start-Up, Computer ConQuest, launch web and mobile app to help families plan weekly meals, shop and cook recipes.

London, UK -- June, 2015 – Computer ConQuest has announced the launch of their oh-so-simple meal planner app for web and mobile. Plan Well Eat Well is helping busy parents cook healthier meals at home.

Food and cooking is always a popular topic and more than ever people are talking about the importance of a balanced diet. Yet we still over spend at the supermarkets, and find it hard to eat healthily.

In recent times documentaries like ‘Supersize Me’ and ‘ Jamie Oliver’s school dinners’ help to highlight cultures of poor nutrition. Yet there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to plan and cook healthy meals at home.
The BBC Food program, Economy Gastronomy says “The England families have local takeaways on speed dial, but want to eat better for less.”

Meal planning is proven to be a great way to cook healthier meals and now it’s as easy as drag and drop.

Plan Well Eat Well is a weekly meal planner app that helps plan the weeks’ meals with just a click of the mouse, or a tap on the smart phone. Finding a recipe you like and adding it to the planner takes seconds.

Joshua Graham, a senior developer at Computer Conquest, says –
“We wanted to keep it simple with drag and drop or quick taps to get things done while you have a two year old hanging off one arm, and a 5 year old throwing a football at your head".

Planning an entire week’s meals for the family takes no time at all and your shopping list is created for you. This is then instantly found on your phone so you always know what ingredients to buy at the shops.

Greg Wallace is quoted saying -
“When we pick a mortgage or a holiday, or any other big financial item, we don’t play pin the tail on the donkey; we think it through and plan it out. It’s no good going round the supermarket on a whim, thinking, ‘That looks nice’. You’ve got to have a plan.”

Joshua follows this up with -

“Plan Well Eat Well on mobiles means your shopping list is with you where you need it, at the grocery store. Knowing exactly what items you need to purchase for the meals you’ve planned.”

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