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Lynette Brown Children and Family Photography

Photography that’s not… FLASH BELOVED PHOTOGRAPHERS. Rare, like a diamond.

31 March 2015 19:41


Lynette Brown is leading the field in a revolutionary new style of artistic expression, popular among families. The Playful Heart - Beloved Photography.

It may be all about image. But let’s throw in some numbers. Six. The number of Beloved Photographers there are now, in the UK, in 2015. Three. Lynette Brown is the third photographer in the UK to become one of them. One. Lynette is the first Certified Beloved Photographer to soley use The Playful Heart approach in her work.

So, who is Lynette Brown, and what is a Beloved Photographer?

Lynette bought her first SLR camera for her 30th birthday 10 years ago. Having expressed an interest in her work, friends asked her to capture their wedding on camera. From there, she set up business in 2007 as a wedding photographer.

Last year, she decided to explore family photography in more depth, whilst still making the sessions exciting for children.

She delved deeper into Beloved techniques and started training in May last year. The families whom she first photographed were delighted and referred her to friends. They also appreciated Lynette’s use of a one-hour time slot, rather than the traditional two, which is far too long to keep children engaged.

The Beloved Movement is a forward-thinking approach launched by a fellow photographer named Jesh de Rox, focusing on the expression of meaningful connections. Gone are the days of standing in a row and saying “cheese” in a Stilton, sorry, stilted fashion.

Focus is on family connections, and friendship. The aim is to create a rich, fulfilling session, and enjoy a valuable moment in time, giving the opportunity to create a visual aesthetic of portrait photography.

The playful Heart experience works around playing games and ensuring everyone has fun. She encourages un-rehearsed, light-hearted, ad lib scenarios, allowing her subjects to just be themselves. This allows the showcasing of genuine smiles and sparkling eyes, producing truly amazing, authentic results.

The children never leave without demanding one more game!

Feedback from recent photo shoots

We are thrilled with the results from our natural family photo shoot. Lynette was very professional and had some great ideas to get the kids involved and looking natural. All very quick and easy and the kids really enjoyed it.

The Richardson-Jones Family – Twickenham London

What a fantastic day we had! Lynette came to take our family pictures and we had so much fun! I was a bit apprehensive as I don’t really like pictures of myself but as we were given tasks and games, I completely forgot about the camera! Both my kids really enjoyed the experience and they wanted to keep playing! The pictures are absolutely amazing and I will treasure them forever.

The Cullen Family – Greenwich London

On a personal note, Lynette is a self-appointed seaside dreamer and romantic comedy fan! This creative, ethereal side, intrinsic to her personality, comes across in her exquisite, charming and totally fresh work.

Lynette completed her wedding photography training with Barrett & Co and her family training with The Beloved Collective. She is a member of the Guild of Photographers and Lynette won a Bronze Award in November for one of her images.

- Ends -

For further information on Lynette and her “playful heart” sessions, please visit her website at:

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About Lynette Brown Children and Family Photography

The children and family portrait industry can be better. Family pictures can be better.

They can be unique and real and about THEM and their family. I’m stepping up my game to prove it and feedback from kids have been they’ve had a lot of fun and not bored at all, in fact they often ask to play more games.

What more could you ask for?

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