What is the best option for YOUR pet while you are away?
Summer is finally here so you may be thinking about your holiday, but what plans have you made for pet’s holiday care while you are away? There are various options available for the care of your furry loved ones but which one will suit them and you the best? ...
If you have a dog then you could opt for them to stay with a home boarding sitter. This is a very personal and caring pet holiday care option as your dog would be in a normal household environment with all the usual home comforts to keep them happy. With home boarding you can usually choose a household either with other dogs or without. Alternatively you could book into your local kennels: Depending on your budget this option may be preferable as it can be more cost effective. Bear in mind that a kennel environment can be noisy and for a nervous dog or a dog that isn’t too keen on other dogs this option may not be suitable. For either option I would advise you to go and visit them before you book. Check how your dog will be cared for and where and how they would sleep eat and be exercised. Bear in mind that your dog will need to be up to date with their vaccinations and flea treatment and you will probably be asked to provide proof of this.
For those who require cat pet holiday care, then you may consider the options such as cat visits in your home, staying in a cattery or cat boarding with a pet sitter in their home. A lot of the time the decision is based on the individual cat and what would be the least stressful for them. Most cats would prefer to stay in their own environment where they feel secure and have their established territory. Cats are creatures of habit, they do not generally like to travel and don’t cope well in the company of other unknown cats. If you choose to have cat visits in your own home you can choose if you would like the pet sitter to visit once or twice daily or live in your home. If you book a cattery then I would advise you visit them before hand to check if your cat would be happy there. Many catteries now have facilities with an outdoor area in each pen and heated in door areas. If you have a multi cat household then check if your cats will be housed together but only opt for this if your cats truly get along! If your cats avoid each other indoors, don’t sleep together or groom each other then it is best to have them separated!
If you have several pets or a larger budget the most convenient holiday care option would be to enlist a home sitter. Having a house sitter improves the security of your property and also means your pets can stay in their own environment too!
If your pet has any special medical needs then you could choose a Veterinary Nurse who will be able to dose medication and spot any signs of a problem.
Whichever option you decide to go with please bear in mind the following important points:
• Make sure the sitter has full insurance for the care of your home and pets (This will not be the same as pet health insurance, this is up to you to have in place)
• Is the sitter experienced or qualified to care for pets? Ask for references and visit before you book.
• Has your pet sitter been police checked? Ask to see a copy of the pet sitter’s certificate.
• Visit the place where your pet will stay before you book to make sure it is suitable for your pet’s needs.
• Book early to avoid disappointment! Especially if your pet has special medical requirements or you want your pet to be alone with no other dogs in the household of a pet boarder. Good pet sitters get booked up sometimes over a year in advice.

For more information on all of your Pet Holiday Care options please see Call 0203 0044580 or email

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